www.BENIsLAND.co.nz (14.June-14.July)

www.benisland.co.nz has been online for a month now; I’ve gotten positive feedback – thanks heaps to all of you emailing me and interacting with me via the site – I am content with it, would like to post more, and will have to find a way, but with the crappy weather comes crappy Internet reception at the moment.  To keep you informed, trust me I’ve got some good ideas in the back of my head that I will realize sooner than later, here are some screen shots from Google Analytics for unique visitors (I think this is unique visitors per day) from New Zealand, Europe, Germany and on special request Switzerland. Thanks also very much to those of you who have shared my link with others, and to the MEM, who is hosting this site. BTW, if you need a top developer, have a look at http://www.digital-sheep.org/.


Most of the visits is from you The Hanimal; my brother says he was too busy to read my blog...

Time to get out of bed, dig a hole, get some fire wood and see what I can do today. Yesterday, I wanted to go for a hike on the property, but the winds are still very strong and there is a good chance to getting hit by falling down branches. My cat also likes to follow me when I wander around, however, he gets scared and lost. It took me an hour yesterday finding him and bringing him back to the site. Gotta go and have a chat to my neighbor, see if he can organize me a dog…




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