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I’ve been catching a ride with my mate this week to his workplace where I am working and learning at the moment at Coles Equipment. Chris Coles, the owner, runs a business from his yard in Claris with around 2 dozen staff doing all sorts of things really. From heavy equipment rental, excavating, to building roads and driveways. So yeah, I’ve been pretty busy this week, pick up was around 0730 and we didn’t leave until 1600. 

Chris offered me to work around the yard in return for taking things that I can use for my property. I’m working with my mate in the workshop, together with 2 mechanics. The atmosphere is really great, most of the boys leave early for construction on the roads and are constantly playing pranks on and giving shit to each other. Some great characters really. A couple of the lads walk as if they had hernia…

This week the trucks needed to get Certificates of Fitness, so there was a bit of commotion going on as all failed the initial inspection. Here some pictures from the yard.

The workshop is huge, all the tools you need and there is always something noisy. The compressor, a truck, the V12 in the Jaguar, the generator and of course the grinder!

What have I been doing? I suppose I’m the yardie, the boy doing all sorts around the yard. I cleaned up some areas, putting junk onto palettes, cruising around in the forklift, tidying areas up, changing tires on trucks, looking in wrecks for parts, repairing the things that I can, cutting metal for all sorts of things and giving my mate and anyone a hand. My mate does all the welding and repairing/recycling around the yard. He’s been really good, teaching me well! I enjoy the work and the atmosphere, it is a bit rough going at the moment, because I’m not skilled in these things so I need someone to tell me what to do, and often enough how to do it. But yeah, I quite like to hang on.

I intend to work on my own property on Fridays and the weekends, so today I got up and moaned my way to the shed – I had a late night on Wednesday and could have done with more sleep and rest -, got the weed eater out and went hard. I went hard for 3 hours or so, the area around the fruit trees is covered in meter high grass, big rocks and branches and trees that had been cut a while ago and are now fully overgrown.  After that I went on a fire wood mission, which takes a lot of energy and time too. Got plenty of things to do for the weekend, if the weather keeps up, I should go for a quick fish on Sunday as well.

I've started cleaning around the fruit trees with the weed wacker. She's really hard going, have to use the blade. But once I've cleared the scrub, it will be easy to mow the weeds.

I’m sitting next to the fire place right now and am doing a mean cook-up while writing this post. I’ve got some herbs, 2 big golden kumaras, 4 potatoes, 2 carrots, a clove of garlic and 2 onions cooking in the big pot with some soup ingredients. Soon 8 rosemary/garlic beef sausages will be added. Let’s see, perhaps there will be leftovers for tomorrow…

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  1. Looks like lazy Ben finally needs to do some real work after relaxing in a university office in his past life 😉

    Rosemary/garlic beef sausages sound interesting. Do you have any pics or a recipe to share?

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