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When it comes to food, a few things have changed since I moved to the Barrier. The most obvious ones are that I spend less money on food and that the time spent in the (grocery) shop has decreased considerably. Stonewall Store, where I exclusively buy my goods, is in comparison to a supermarket rather tiny, yet it has a great selection and variety of foods and alcoholic drinks. I’m really fortunate to live close to the heart of Tryphena, the biggest settlement on the Island, where Stonewall – the best store on the Barrier (biggest variety, best price, best staff, open 7 days a week) – is located.

It’s not my intention to write about Stonewall Shop, as a big a fan I am, the point I like to make is that I’m eating better food since moving to the Barrier.

Better being for instance more seasonal food, just like the grape fruit from my tree which will last for about 2 months. I’ve got also apple, peach, plum, fig, macadamia, guava trees and lots of grapes growing on site. Although the birds have a good go at the fruit, I get to eat heaps, and fresh, seasonal fruit is available over a long time of the year.

Then there is the garden in the summer months, and for the first time ever I have hardly bought meat. My chicken “farm” consisted of circa 40 birds last summer and I knocked more than half of them on the head. They’re good fun, gave lots of eggs, and although I believe it would have been cheaper to buy eggs and chicken in the shop, I’ll keep running the chook “farm”.

Life is great for this beautiful, big, black, Barrier cock.
Life is great for this beautiful, big, black, Barrier cock.

Hellmut, the pig, provided red meat for the table, and when I went fishing, I always ended up with a feed. Apropos pig, I killed the name-less pig that has hung out on benisland for almost 3 months other day (stay tuned for the story), and the plan is to get a couple of home-kill lambs during the season this year. There are also a number of wild rabbits on site, so I’ll be hopefully eating a handful of rabbit stews till the end of the year.

A positive result of living on a budget is that I hardly spend money on stuff like chips, chocolate, lollies and also stay away from processed foods/meal.

It is therefore fitting, and for that reason alone, to summarize that my eating habits have also become more mindful.

Hopefully, I get a few helping hands on benisland this year to establish more garden beds.

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