Where To From Here?

Usually, at this time of the year, with spring being a  month away, I would write about how I revive the garden beds, plant seeds and grow some produce. Presently, a volunteer called Cole is on benisland (and I hope he gets most of the garden preparations done.).

A young, strong, knowledgeable guy from Germany is supposed to arrive mid September. Apart from getting garden beds sorted, I’d like to extend the hiking track.

The title of this post is “Where To From Here?”, a question I like to ask myself. I started out in a run-down dwelling, then built a nice micro-home. It changed my life and made things easier. Yet, I remember being awake in bed at night after a couple months of living in my new home and asking: “all right, this is done, what now?, where to from here?”

Well, I’ve decided that the direction is photography. I started a dedicated photography website a year and a half ago (Great Barrier Island Photography) and will dedicate more time and focus on capturing life of this island on camera.

To see the following and other Great Barrier Island photos in high resolution, click on either of these images. Cheers, Ben

by day
by day
by night
by night



2 thoughts on “Where To From Here?”

    1. Heya Paul, I think I’m over the fishing mate. You can conclude from http://www.fishing.benisland.com how many times I have been fishing in the last two years. Yeah, what can I say?, if conditions are good, I should get out for a low tide fish in a few days…

      Allan’s Place is for sale btw.

      Cheers, Ben

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