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  • Compost:

Went to a composting course.  An interactive course, free of charge, supported by the Auckland Council and taught by a local lady who has vast experience in organic gardening and is well known for the local organic veggies she offers via Okiwi Passion on Great Barrier Island. She discussed ZingBokashi, worm farming and more traditional hot and cold composting techniques.

Informative, well presented seminar and to top it off, participants could chose a free composting system provided by Auckland Council (I chose a worm farm kit). There is another one of these courses scheduled for the 01. March.

So yeah, hopefully, my new worm farming kit arrives soon and I can tell you more about recycling kitchen waste into worm castings.

  • New (old) batteries

I’ve acquired for little money four quite old 12 V deep cycle gel cell lead acid batteries, a (12 V) 120 W solar panel and a 35 A solar charge controller. I’m going to add these components to my existing power systen, a (24 V) 190 W solar panel, two 6 V traditional deep cycle lead acid batteries and a 30 A MPPT solar charge controller. In an ideal scenario, I’d have compatible systems instead of such a mix up, but hey, I’ll make the most use of it by installing two independent system.

I started charging the gel cell batteries alongside the other batteries I have and am really glad that in spite of about 11 hours direct sunlight, the controller did not report fully charged batteries. Let’s see what tomorrow brings and how well the gel cell batteries maintain a charge. Hoping to end up with a combined battery (storage) charge capacity of 150-200 Ah (at greater or equal to 12.0 V). Again, intending to write an article on my power system and explaining in physical and practical terms how much power I can use and store.

  • In a few days, BENIsLAND’s arguably biggest fan is going to arrive for an extreme land based fishing adventure holiday

Naturally, I’m looking forward to extreme rockfishing, hiking and exploring, and writing about our fishing endeavours. My personal goal is to land a decent snapper, time for another Big Snapper Off The Rocks article and a kingi this season. Further, to make sound choices and getting kingi action whenever fishing for them is possible. There has been a lack of fishing articles lately but this is due to a lack of fishing missions. I tend to actually write about every fishing session; it’s been pretty much a month (Land Based Fishing in Tryphena).

Check out NZ Fisher, a free, online New Zealand fishing magazine for enthusiasts. Seriously good read with heaps of tips. Also there are reproduced articles from BENIsLAND in the last three issues (30, 31, 32) and hopefully counting.

  • Other blog

Check out http://www.livhambrett.com/, a blog about an Australian writer in Germany, who also wrote about life in Münster, where I used to live.

  • Friends

Contacted two friends via Skype I hadn’t caught up with for a (little) while. One, in my imagination, a descendant from the fictitious character “Mister Miyagi” from Karate Kid, due to his ties to Okinawa, was in the delivery room awaiting the birth of his first child. The other, again in my imagination, a modern-day magician with useful contacts, is about to endeavour on an adventure sailing his yacht from Greece to New Zealand with his young family. They say three times is a charm, so I better contact soon my dear friend Elon and check whether he got up to much…

  • The Bin Ladens

Hey, if you’ve read this far and if you’ve been following BENIsLAND, you probably expected something random seeming like this. Yes, the Bin Ladens are on my mind, too. Let’s start with the pressing question: “How long to we have to wait for the movie?” I’m talking the Bin Laden family, not merely one of the 54 children of Mohammed Bin Laden. I’m reading Steve Coll’s “The Bin Ladens: An Arabian Family in the American Century“. Mohammed Bin Laden was the central figure in elaborative, extensive and lucrative construction work in Mecca, Medina and in Jerusalem; the lasting empire that a hardly school-educated brick layer grew out of nothing is astonishing.

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