What Would You Like Me To Write About?

My dear friend Lars (check out his website; www.chilichef.de) sent me an email the other day highlighting ideas and suggestions for articles here on BENIsLAND.co.nz. I am mightily thankful for this because various factors play a pivotal role in my motivation to blogging new posts. One of those factors is a lack of creativity or perhaps better a lack of having feedback in terms of what my readers and followers are interested in.

Thus, I like to invite you with this post to ask all the questions that you have about my life here on BENIsLAND, on Great Barrier Island.

In the following, a list of the ideas and suggestions of Lars. Please share your ideas in form for personal email or better as a reply to this post. This will assist me in compiling a list of future articles, which will in turn result in more frequent updates.

Cheers for that Ben.

Here’s the list so far:

Land-Based Fishing 101:

  • What gear do I use, how do I carry it?
  • Methods of attracting and methods of catching fish.
  • Which criteria does a fishing spot need to have to be suitable and productive
  • Write about tides, moon, bite times, weather-conditions. What works best, what should be avoided.
  • How to fillet a fish, and how to cook it?


  • Was the home-made generator a good idea? What would I do differently now?
  • Photo voltaics and batteries; what am I using now, how does it work, what would I like to have?
  • How much energy do I generate, how much can I store, how much do I use per day and what would I like to be able to have?
  • Drinking water; how do I collect it, how great is access to it, how do I manage in dry periods? (DONE)
  • Wind generator; what is wrong with the one that is here, how does it work, what setup would I like to have?
  • Garden planning; how am I planning for the next season? What have I learned so far? What works and what doesn’t?
  • Firewood; how much do I need per day, how to chop trees and how to stock up with firewood

Great Barrier Island:

  • Grocery shopping on the Barrier; what is available? How do I order groceries from Auckand, what should you buy here, what is best ordered from town?
  • What about trading on the Barrier?
  • Compile a map with good fishing spots

Property Development:

  • Upload more videos, videos of projects and videos of my land
  • Where are my property boundaries, where are paper roads and hiking tracks?
  • Which tools do I need regularly, which tools would I like to have, which tools did I buy and end up not using?

Living Off Grid:

  • What works better and what worse than anticipated?
  • Highlight challenges
  • What would I like to achieve within the next 6/12/18/24 months?

Creating revenue from and via BENIsLAND:

  • Compile a calendar
  • Land-Based Fishing E-Book
  • Off-Grid E-Book

Thanks heaps for this list Lars. I have been getting effective advice and assistance from a few of my friends and as you can or perhaps can’t imagine, a little push towards the right direction can be very helpful when you are at the beginning of a new journey.

Once again, your feedback will be greatly appreciated and if you are asking yourself here and then how you could help me out, well, this is one very effective way.

3 thoughts on “What Would You Like Me To Write About?”

  1. Great Barrier Island:
    * Reflect on social life on the island, e.g. are there regular meetings, how’s the small talk, how often do you meet people, how are the customs, etc.
    * Reflect on economical development of the island, e.g. what has happened in the past, where is it going and at which pace, how are the structures for getting things going, etc.

  2. Have you considered drafting a ‘wish list’, (understandably Xmas is a long way off) an itinerary of items you might be in need of now or the near future to complete Project BenisLand?

    I know it rans along the lines of ‘donations’ but you might be surprised that those who don’t have the cash to splash, are all but willing to see bits and pieces or even brand new double ups go to good people rather than gathering dust.

    You’d be providing another avenue for your viewers to become personally involved in your venture. Pix of you utilising their donated goods enable them to really feel involved, be part of the journey.

    Just a thought.

    ps: getting things too the island would be the only downside.

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