Waiting for the Rain

Busy, busy and busy; that is what is going on at the moment. There is heaps happening at work, just before Christmas, roads need to be finished, trucks are checked for their Certificate of Fitness and yeah, Iranium keeps me busy, too. I’m working full time at the moment, which is good, but, leaving little time and often little energy to do other things.

Waiting for the rain on Sunday. It looked like this for a long time, but it poured down eventually.

Yesterday, we knocked off work early, just after 1400, and went for a quick fish in the dinghy. By the time we were heading out, it was already 1600 and when I could sit down and eat my fish it was just past 2100. Just goes to show me that I need to prepare the boat and other things better. So that I can shoot out and shoot back in in no time… Need to work on that. Fishing was alright, we’re having easterly winds here for the last days, this means that Tryphena – where I’m based at – is calm as, while there are 2m swells on the East Coast (great for surfing). The fishing was okay, there was action all the time, albeit only from snapper 30-35 cm. I lost a snapper that would have been a delight, but my mate landed a 6-8 pound porae (not sure how it is spelled.) Anyway, I enjoyed three baked, whole snapper within the last 24 hours.

The solar power is working like a charm, managed to gather around 100 liters of rainwater on Sunday, and other than that, when I have got free time, I enjoy reading in my new Kindle. It’s a good little, handy device to have. Always there and ready when you feel like reading. So, I better get back to it. But here are a few pictures for you.

Iranium's home. She likes it in there.

Here are a couple of pictures of my wind mill. Another project for some time later…

The tripod is in very good and strong condition. Its approximatively 160 cm from side to side.
A bit more than half way up. The tripod is around 7-8 meters tall. This is, however, not the way you should install a wind mill, as you can't service it this way.
It was a bit too windy for me to go all the way up. One blade is missing, the unit itself is seized up, the other two blades are deformed. Each blade is around 120 cm, I assume.
No access through here anymore. The vines have taken over.
Looking forward to eating the grapes.
Sweet baby carrots.
Pumpkin and courgette plants doing well.

I’m preparing for the weekend, gathering up some top soil from around the area. I need to pick some weeds, mow the grass and start another garden patch.  

5 thoughts on “Waiting for the Rain”

  1. Great stuff – can’t wait to read you next entry! and Iranium is sooooo gracious… can I vote for the “cutest puppy with the most creative name held by the coolest owner in the southern hemisphere award”?

  2. Yeah that windmill looks pretty solid. Probably quite expensive in that size but equally would generate good power….

    I assume someone did live on the site before you? How long for and why did they leave it? Be nice to know the history of that and the funny little house you’re living in. I think between wind and solar you should be pretty sweet for power up there. once you build a bigger house you need some bigger batteries and then you should be able to have an inverter and get 240v for things like a washing machine and decent freezer etc….

    It’s good you’re busy. What are you doing for Christmas? Paul xxxxx

    1. We’ll knock off work on the 21st of December. I suppose, I’ll be fishing and exploring over Christmas. There is heaps of history here mate, this place went through many hands in recent years, before that it was in more steady possession, and many have lived or stayed here. Yeah, I screwed up; instead of that home build generator, I should have bought one, just for washing machine etc. But yeah, she’ll be right. No, we didn’t tow any lures behind us. Mate, she’s was modest out there, a couple of beers, a couple of homages and then all you do, is sail home. There is no time to play around with lures or change direction, when she’s modest out there. Indeed, I try to take pics of Port Jackson when I can. Just came home from the Social Club. Kicked some ass in table tennis; she’s a big game over here, alright… Good on ya.s, Ben

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