Victorious All Blacks – Crab Salad

What a great Labour Weekend it was. The mighty All Blacks won the 2011 Rugby World Cup yesterday by beating the French in the finals 8-7 at Eden Park, Auckland. This is the second time New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup since its inauguration in 1987, which was then also hosted in New Zealand. The game could have gone both ways but the All Blacks – with the entire nation behind them – played strong and smart, and didn’t let the game slip away. Although it was very nerve-racking at stages. The match-winner was in my eyes Stephen Donald who stepped up to kick a match-winning penalty, after a few kicks were missed. The most valuable player (the MVP) is without question Ma’a Nonu.

So what have I been up to last week? Work is full-on at the moment, which is good. Oh yeah, we had strong south-westerlies for a few days and I didn’t get a chance to go out for a fish. We wanted to take the boat out and deploy the long-line, but the sea was strong for most of the weekend. I spent some hours on site working on my gardens. Digging up soil, mixing it with sand thus making it more friable. I enclosed an area which seems to be the most sheltered spot that however still gets a lot of sun and have sown seeds for climbing beans, sweet corn, chili, cucumber and capsicum.

The most sheltered spot with all-day sun. Its fenced off now; wild rabbits were eating my mesclun salad...
Some salads and herbs are already growing.
Parsley, coriander, mustard, mesclum salad, fancy leaf salad and ?baby spinach?; from left.

Not too sure if that is baby spinach or what. I’ve got an empty pack of baby spinach seeds. The mesclun salad mix is probably the best salad I’ve eaten. It has a bit of a nutty tang to it and mixing it with the mustard adds a hint of spice. 

Climbing beans, chili, sweet corn and cucumber. Let's see how that goes, tomato seedling are starting to mature.

The other garden patch is susceptible to the winds and is only suitable for vegetables that can handle a strong gust. The radish are pretty much done, they taste very good too. I’ve planted some silver beet seeds and pumpkins.

Radish is ready for picking.
I've planted carrots in the background. They've been there doing nothing for too many weeks. There has been some growth in the last few days though.

So yeah, I’ve been busy – gardening is a tough sport I tell you – and although it takes many hours to get a bit done it is good to see progress. I went for a quick fish today, it has been again more than a week (not good). The fishing was not good either, I don’t recall having bites at all. While waiting and hoping for a fish to come by I netted a couple of crabs, ate a couple of kina whilst on the rocks and found one paua. I love Thai cuisine and had a few authentic salads, amongst them also crab salad, in Thailand.

I didn’t have some of the ingredients for a proper Thai Crab salad, but whiffed out the following:

  • 3 crabs
  • table spoon of fish sauce
  • table spoon of soy sauce
  • 2 tblspoons olive oil
  • 1 onion
  • mesclun salad, mustard
  • one paua
  • 3 radish

I fried the paua with the pieces of crab in olive oil for about 2 minutes and added them to the bowl of salad. There is a very specific procedure when it comes to making good salads and unfortunately I can’t write about it here. This is so, as it is getting a bit late and I should start a fire and because there are some mosquitoes biting me at the moment. Anyway, here’s the final dish.

Fish sauce is excellent in salads.

5 thoughts on “Victorious All Blacks – Crab Salad”

  1. More than a week since you went fishing! Shame on you! I certainly haven’t been doing enough. Were the crabs ok to eat? Shore crabs or something bigger?

    The garden looks great and yeah it’s hard graft and can be very upsetting when some evil creature raids your larder. Very admirable work. Yes I bet it can get windy up there too…

    Yeah hopefully I come over pretty much straight away and see how it goes over there. I want to track down some primo fishing spots though, just like there are on the other side of Colville Channel. We need to build a coast road to cape barrier from your house please, Paul xxxxx

  2. Oh and well done New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup victory. Couldn’t have those damn frenchies getting away with it!!!!!

  3. Oh and finally I think the carrots will be a little later on in the season. A friend over here was only starting to pull his a couple of weeks ago, so mid-late Autumn. Be patient, I’m sure they will come…..

    1. Heya mate, well, the carrots are growing. Not sure what’s happening underneath the dirt, but it all looks good above. You are right the All Blacks pulled it off, they haven’t been able to do so for a while, so yeah, good on them and good on all the Kiwis supporting them and knowing that they had the right stuff! I went fishing last Friday, but it was so bad I couldn’t make a story out of it. I ate
      so many kinas and chucked them into the water to get some action going, but nothing but some big mullet and a kahawai…
      Sounds good Paul, I’m sure you’ll like the fishing here and will come back….

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