Tryphena Harbour Views & Private Hiking Track

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I have been taking it easy in the past weeks, enjoying time off, eating, drinking and otherwise mucking around on the property. The best part of this holiday is, however, that work still gets done and that important projects were finished (not by me). Fortunately, it is sufficient to take a supervisory/2nd row role, as David is an outstanding wwoofer (willing worker on organic farm).

If you are interested in experiencing the lifestyle on Great Barrier Island and beniSland, have a read about my exchange programme (wwoofing).

David making arrangements for dinner.
David making arrangements for dinner.


Hiking Track In The Backyard

The biggest new addition to the property is a loop hiking track. It is  in need of a good name, takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete but believe me, you can spend much more time just enjoying the scenic lookouts. The track goes through mature, native forests of nikau and puriri, meets up with a permanent creek and then up into a hill with kahikatea and rimu trees and then across its ridge to amazing viewpoints and to a camp site.

Rani also feels the impact of the flora.
Rani, enjoying the new hiking track.
Rani and David posing.
Rani and David posing on a straight part of the track.
Saw this more pork yesterday on the way to the lookout.
Saw this more pork yesterday on the way to the lookout.

I’m not able at the moment to bring across in words what it feels like when immersing into the forest, hearing, often seeing the big birds and up into the hills via the track to sit down and breathe. The flora is simply fascinating, dramatic and impactful. It will be my project to capture it on camera. Then there is of course the view of Tryphena Harbour.

tryphena_lighthouse2_IMG7385_lznbenisland_bushSo much for now about the track (which needs a name), and let’s finish off with photos of yesterday’s sunset.

Ben’s Photography Site

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2 thoughts on “Tryphena Harbour Views & Private Hiking Track”

  1. Neat picture of that Morepork mate. I can think of a few names for that track, but I’ll run them past you in person in a few weeks time eh. Paul xxxxx

    1. Looking forward to it mate. Those moreporks fly very quietly, and hopefully I can take a photo of one during better light conditions. The camera flash ruins quite a bit. Couple more weeks buddy and we’ll be fishing! Safe travels, Ben

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