Today I feel a bit a lethargic, weary and lackadaisical

There is a word you might have not heard too often. I certainly haven’t. It was pouring down this morning and I got up around 0600. Hard to sleep in ‘in the wild’. I’m usually up with the sun, then try to keep warm and sleep again, but usually to no avail. My ‘To-Do’ list has a lot of entries, some of them are simple, some require not much thinking but hard work, some require thinking and some I have not gotten my head around at all. 

 These are some bullet points from my list:

  • build workbench for shed
  • build cabinet/closet for clothes
  • install the califont/gas water heater
  • dig over the garden patch/find top soil
  • clear the complete site from weeds
  • pay property rates/find out if I can get a rebate for low-income earners
  • walk up the central ridge line on the property
  • go for a fish
  • and then the usual everyday or every other day tasks, like collecting fire wood
  • publish a blog entry
  • dig a hole for a long drop/build a shower area

But yeah, it is already 1030 and I haven’t really done anything. The showers have retreated, there is almost no wind on the site – the wind can get into your head sometimes – ideal conditions to get work done. Some days I finish a couple of tasks and chores and feel exhausted and want to sit down and take it easy, but then I get a stimulus, a surge and just go on. Most chores are physical and I am starting to seeing it as a workout, trying to excel myself and persist with it. So far, today isn’t one of those days…

Then again, for my part, I have not been used to working – I’d like to say physical work, but let’s be honest and just stick with WORKING. On days like this, while I was employed as an academic, I walked into my office around 1000, skyped for a while, listened to music, chatted, had a tea or so, went for an extensive lunch, after that maybe a couple more chats, perhaps a whiskey and then call it a day around 1500. Sounds cruisy, and the hell it was, but it was an atmosphere without any progress, an extremely phony climate with a lot of backstabbing and a great lack of professionalism, management and leadership. Such a place can change you and I have seen it in good women and men, coming off the right path and speeding without sense on the wrong ones. It is a very human thing to do, I guess, to try to exploit the system and make a personal, financial gain from it. The absolute opposite of selfless. But let’s not dwell on that here, I could write a book about it, and with all the funny characters I met in academia, perhaps I should.

But yeah, if you want to lose weight and get some muscles, have a feeling of accomplishment and help build something, come and visit BENIsLAND. I’ve got muscle soreness since the first day I got here. But seriously, it is a good experience to get things done that are useful, I’ve got a lot of different projects here and not all of them require handling tools or lifting; get your camping gear together and come over. You’d like it and a couple of days here is like 2 weeks workout in the gym. I’m going to look into the WOOFING scheme soon, this is working on organic farms. My neighbor gets woofers throughout the year, as a woofer you get free accommodation and board and have to work 4-5 hours a day. As he says:”Woofers come and do work for you and in exchange you give them the experience of living on Great Barrier Island for free. Unlike your associates, who come over here, cost you money and break your tools before they go…”

Alright, it is almost 1100. I told my mate a couple of months ago before coming to the Great Barrier Island, that I wanted to go at least once a week for a hike and for a fish. He told me: “Yeah right.” He is right, I don’t seem to have that much time to do these things at the moment, and I am not even employed… Anyway, I’m going to leave my ‘To Do List’ on the table and go for a hike now, searching for fishing spots. The southern tip of the island has – this is what I read – some ledges with deep water, big currents and XOS fish. So my plan is to drive down Cape Barrier Road and see if I can find the hiking tracks, hop onto Rabbit Island and/or find a way down to those ledges around Cape Barrier.

I’ve got two pictures for you. One of my shed with the shelves that I build this week; finally some order. And the last picture shows the ‘rubbish’ that I collected yesterday from the lady I worked for some weeks ago.

I going to build a work bench and put it on the left hand side. But yeah, finally I can walk into my shed and have space to get what I need.

A man's rubbish is another man's pile of xxx or something like that...

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  1. Before I go, some exciting news. I’m facebook friends with Champagne Sugar Foot ‘Ray Sefo’. Now this is one hell of a fighter’s name and a great K1 fighter and athlete.

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