The Verandah & A Few Words

Sunday, noon, Tryphena, Great Barrier Island, apart from my neighbour quad-ing up and down the track it has been very quiet and calm. In addition, I’m in a very good mood. I’m heading to Germany in a couple of weeks to meet the family and for some R&R, and have been taking it easy the last two weeks (that is apart from my paid employments).

Sitting here in my office and looking at Station Rock, I acknowledge being comfortable and secure. The biggest improvements are financial stability – in terms of steady employment and a mortgage paid off – and a warm, solid and stylish home.

My head is full of ideas and projects (nothing new), and as my late friend and former employer Chris mentioned, I am now in a (better) position to take up opportunities and to follow my plans.

The verandah extension has been a full success and was finalized yesterday. That means the remaining invoices for the materials were paid – thanks to Barrier Building Supplies for significant discounts received and great service. When I get back from my trip, I’ll relocate the cooking area, install a sink and table.

I acknowledge the help from Marius, Marie, Sylvia, Dad and Ross – The King – who taught me how to build. Not sure if he helped with this project, but also thanks to Paul and Amy.

In terms of building projects, I need to revive the old septic tank and build a shower/toilet outhouse now. An then?, well, then I can accommodate appropriately for people who wish to come and stay on beniSland and give me a hand.

Cheers, Ben

Enjoying the views from beniSland in Tryphena Heights…

3 thoughts on “The Verandah & A Few Words”

    1. Yo Tom, much appreciated. It is getting more and more comfortable over here, almost too much… hehe. You three are always welcome, hope to see yous this year. Good luck, Ben

  1. One day there will even be a washing machine!

    No I didn’t directly contribute to the verandah, but I did cut up a few fish on that deck and sit there and enjoy a sunset or two in between watering the veg garden. I did however contribute to some of the things that will be going into the kitchen though, so I’ll accept some thanks – why not?

    I’ll look forward to checking it out on my next visit in the far distant future. In the meantime I look forward to seeing you over here. Lots to show you! Paul xxxxx

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