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My new blog,, is solely dedicated to Rockfishing on the Barrier. Check out my stories, detailed articles, the how to section, images and recipes. Tell me what you think. My short-term goal is to share experiences with other landbased enthusiasts, and to publish informative articles that are both entertaining and helpful.

In the mid to long-run I’d like to do the following things:

  1. Find other like-minded local and visiting fishos to contribute to this site.
  2. Write for domestic and international fishing magazines.
  3. Find a sponsor to take my fishing to the next level.
  4. Go rockfishing once a week and establish weekly articles and a rockfishing video channel.
  5. Put my experiences and knowledge together and write an e-book.

2 thoughts on “The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog”

  1. Hey Ben.
    I have just hit your site because I’m looking for info on fishing limits at Grt Barrier. We will be staying at Kotuku Cove (Gary Winger’s place ) for 2 weeks over xmas. We are novice fishes. Apparently we can fish ‘off the lawn’ there. We have an adult daughter with intellectual disability and plan to fish with her. She is anxious should we go out in the dingy provided, so we thought about doing the rocks to start with. Any tips for first timers?
    Cheers Pip

    1. Hi Pip, cheers for your comment. The rocks are a great place to fish comfortably and land good and big fish. I would keep fishing from the rocks, find a spot with a bit of current or foul, and keep trying there. It might get a boring, but if you fish in the mornings and evenings for about an hour or so, you will attract fish coming to you over time.

      So instead of fishing half a day and waiting for the bite, you could do quick fishes “from the lawn”. Change of light is really good, so do cast a bait when you wake up early and the same as dusk.

      If you can, burley up, dice pieces of pilchards and throw them into the water, and things like that. The best tip I can give you is to talk to the locals, this is a tricky time to land fish. There are many small snapper around, so it is easy to get bored with them and suddenly you get a good strike and lose a big fish.

      So stay on top of the fish, try to burley, talk to locals in that area and go fishing to catch fish, so dusk and dawn are great times.

      Good luck, I’m friends with JP and Miriam and if I’m not wrong Gary is his dad…

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