The Car is Back

Just a quick update, went to Auckland on Friday, picked my car up and took the ferry back today. The car looks great, as if nothing ever happened, I stocked up on some food and got some other supplies. Looking forward to a productive week and am happy that I’ve got all my gear on the island now. 


One of my fruit trees. Not sure what sort of a tree it is though…


A big mushroom on the mentioned tree.


Another project; I saw many grapes when I first inspected the property, there is a healthy looking amount of old and strong vine.


This is one of the beaches nearest to Puriri Bay. Might be Pah beach. This is closest beach to my place.
This beach is also along Shoal Bay Road, close to Puriri Bay.

Still about half an hour to walk, mind you I got picked up half way by Bill. The ferry is in the background

And finally, a picture from the place where I used to live – Parry – which I took on Saturday morning.



2 thoughts on “The Car is Back”

  1. wine….very nice!
    i like to have a few bottles of your pinot noir and some “marc de great barrier”.
    don’t poison yourself while gardening with 1080 and all the other chemicals….stay öko! 😛

    1. No 1080 mate. The grapes are white, so perhaps I can do a Pinot Gris for you. There is really so much to do, so many different projects, I’d love to get all that vine going properly and making some wine. Patience is the key I suppose, it’ll happen one day…

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