Takin’ It Easy

Sunday Tuesday morning on Great Barrier Island, the rain and wind have ceded, it feels like Sunday. Sundayish is also the best adjective to describe my mood of latter weeks. Not much has been happening other than taking pleasure of a warm wood fire in the evenings, reading and taking care of the most mundane of chores.

In other words, Ben is on a subtle holiday.

For knowing that I don’t have to do anything, go anywhere, spend any money or even see anyone is a good feeling to wake up to. After all, going by the temperatures, winter has finally arrived, and it’s refreshing and especially comforting to watch the inclement weather from inside of my cozy, pleasant, quiet, warm, insulated, dry and protected home.

There are profound reasons to be comfortably at ease. Condensing paid work duties to 2-3 consecutive days a week, and drastically reducing non-useful human interaction. Not useful to me that is… Embracing my propensity to procrastination and laziness as positive characteristics. Yet again establishing empirically that I invested in the right property. Fresh, gravity fed water all year round, pretty much all day sun exposure and being ample enough in size to still get lost. Even if not in a geographical sense. Last but not least, I am just so much better prepared now than a few years ago.

Be it knowing when and where to fish, having plenty firewood, knowing how to eat well and healthy on a tight budget and having a rough schedule of when to do what. However, it is not a race and being first and quick is just  not always desirable. Already looking forward to being even more lazy in the future.

You too, time to kick back, enjoy those hearty stews and soups, keep that mind and body fit for the new season which approaches faster and faster as we grow.

In other news, I looked up a few psychological disorders (a.k.a. mental disorders) on Wikipedia. I always wanted to know what bipolar, attention deficit disorder and Asperger’s are, and now wonder what authority ensures that psychologists are adequately and appropriately educated. The answer is most likely other psychologists… hehe. Taking into account that, from what I hear and just can’t believe, many psychologists having their own therapists, and more and more people seeking the assistance of a professional, I feel especially bad for that child or youth who gets labelled potentially for life just because someone has to pay off a student debt or a mortgage.

It didn’t take long before I stopped reading, the reason being vague, non-quantified definitions and diagnoses based on subjective attitudes. Further, I was afraid of self-diagnosing myself with bipolar, Asperger’s and ADD. It is so easy, after all, all that is necessary is not to be happy all the time, going through ups and downs, having some sort of difficulty in some forms of social interaction, not appropriately listening, organizing, keeping attention, following instructions, avoiding tasks that require deep mental or analytical thought, etc.

Some state that people act according to their labels and there is certainly truth to that. I am thinking both of children and those who were labelled by a university and therefore decided to do only one thing in life, namely what they were labelled for by such or similar institutions/peers that are businesses first and what they ought to be second, if at all.

2 thoughts on “Takin’ It Easy”

  1. Lazy? Every day IS Sunday on Benisland. Ben is always on holiday no? You’re really living that dream now.

    I definitely couldn’t read about anything like that, at least my condition can remain undiagnosed. For now! Honestly you’d be better off reading your early posts from Benisland (the days of struggling in the mud and cold in the A-frame!) and getting a dose of accomplishment and well being from that than delving into that can of worms.

    Just re-acquainting myself with your flash new site. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

    Paul xxxxx

    1. Hi Paul, good to have you back,
      it’s all in waves, sometimes you do more, sometimes less. One day, I’ll achieve that dream. For now, you keep spreading those rumours…

      Cheers, B

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