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Of Incentives and Long-Term Plans

I mentioned in a previous post (39 Hour Trip to Germany) about the roof tops of houses and publicly owned buildings in Germany being fully covered with solar panels. While  most houses in Germany don’t have photo voltaic panels installed I like to note that it isn’t rare either. When you’re driving on the Autobahn, you’ll notice in most parts of Germany that farm buildings have them installed and moreover you will see many gigantic windmill farms, too.

One of the local primary schools in Neuenkirchen, a town with a population of 13000.

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Waiting for the Rain

Busy, busy and busy; that is what is going on at the moment. There is heaps happening at work, just before Christmas, roads need to be finished, trucks are checked for their Certificate of Fitness and yeah, Iranium keeps me busy, too. I’m working full time at the moment, which is good, but, leaving little time and often little energy to do other things.

Waiting for the rain on Sunday. It looked like this for a long time, but it poured down eventually.

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