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Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III

After a week without adequate power supply, I managed to sort out my 12 v diesel generator this morning. As mentioned previously, the backside of the fuel line of the diesel engine had a rip which caused massive diesel leakage. It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience swapping the fuel line while kneeling in different awkward positions, but the good thing is that it’s fixed now. The bad thing is that I mixed up the colors black and red, yet again. Consequently, I most likely cooked my 12 V laptop charger…  Continue reading Homebuilt 12 V Diesel Generator Part III

Good News

On occasion my everyday life can be a bit challenging or a bit too much. However, I know that I am in the right place, that I can count myself very lucky to be here and to enjoy and start an entirely new chapter of my future. Some people don’t have the opportunities that I had/have, many more just lack the ability to help themselves. They either don’t have the strength to step back and to take a close look at their lives and ask themselves. Is this what I want to do? Is this where I want to be? Or they are scared of stepping back. Continue reading Good News

Wild Rabbit Curry

The other evening I was busy on the laptop when I noticed the cat flap opening with my cat having a – what appeared at first site – strange rat in his mouth. He’s been really good, catching about a dozen or so rats. He brings them inside to show off and to play around with them for a while. Often that turns into an activity for the both of us, as his catch is usually very lively and sometimes manages to squeeze into a crack or somewhere where Mohammed can’t get to, and I have to deal with it…

Continue reading Wild Rabbit Curry