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Pictures Of The Week 43 – Time For a Revolution?

There is never a dull moment (on the Barrier), is there? These were my neighbour’s words the other day, and I can attest to that. I feel tired. What I seek the most seems to be outside my control; perhaps I just need to try harder. Instead my mind and time is occupied with too much mundane stuff. Ignorance is bliss.

My good friend Paul is visiting and we’ve been trying to catch a kingi. At this stage, it would be nice to just see one. I’m starting to believe what he’s been saying for years. “You’re lucky to be able to catch a feed off the rocks. This won’t last.

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From Tryphena to Port FitzRoy

I enjoyed an extremely scenic drive to FitzRoy from my place in Tryphena on Wednesday to pick up two mates. My friends from Germany have already seen quite a bit of New Zealand during their (work-)holidays but were very keen to experience the beauty of Aotea (Great Barrier Island) and to actively take part in the island lifestyle. The ferry from Auckland to Port FitzRoy arrived a bit early and while they were having a few beers and watching the locals picking up various freight for themselves and their businesses, I was still on the road, taking pictures and enjoying the drive.

Oruawharo Bay
Oruawharo Bay

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