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39 Hour Trip to Germany

I arrived safe, sound and fit in Germany yesterday and am sitting right now in my parent’s lounge, watching some TV and thought that I’d pass on a few of my experiences of the 39 hour trip. Yupp, it took a cool 39 hours and I didn’t even count the time on the ferry from the Barrier to Auckland. But I counted the 4 hours at the airport in Auckland, the 1 hour bus trip to the airport, the 7 hours in transit in Shanghai, the 3 hour trip from Amsterdam to Neuenkirchen and of course the net flight time of a bit over 24 hours.

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Diverse Pictures

It has been a while since my last update and so I figured to post some pictures I have taken since. At the moment I’m quite full on at work and haven’t been doing too many exciting things on the side, although it has become very summery now. I was in Auckland last weekend to attend my top mate’s wedding and used the occasion to stock up on some food and other items that I need. Like a proper mattress, a BBQ and pet food etc. The island life is starting to have an effect on me, Auckland feels too busy to me.  Continue reading Diverse Pictures