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Johnson’s Bay – Oruawharo Bay – My Backyard

My good friend tells me to go fishing, the volunteer on site – who is creating a new hiking track – tells me to go fishing and something tells me that more than a few of the good people who read this blog want me to go fishing as well. The bad news is that I wasn’t fishing and have nothing to write about in this respect.

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Words On Food & Eating Habits

When it comes to food, a few things have changed since I moved to the Barrier. The most obvious ones are that I spend less money on food and that the time spent in the (grocery) shop has decreased considerably. Stonewall Store, where I exclusively buy my goods, is in comparison to a supermarket rather tiny, yet it has a great selection and variety of foods and alcoholic drinks. I’m really fortunate to live close to the heart of Tryphena, the biggest settlement on the Island, where Stonewall – the best store on the Barrier (biggest variety, best price, best staff, open 7 days a week) – is located.

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Tryphena Harbour Views & Private Hiking Track

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I have been taking it easy in the past weeks, enjoying time off, eating, drinking and otherwise mucking around on the property. The best part of this holiday is, however, that work still gets done and that important projects were finished (not by me). Fortunately, it is sufficient to take a supervisory/2nd row role, as David is an outstanding wwoofer (willing worker on organic farm).

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Going For A Night Walk – Tryphena Beaches by Night

After a week of gusty winds and other turbulent conditions, a window of opportunity opened up on Friday. As it is often the case and as it kinda should be, the weather gods were kind on the first of May and granted us a sunny day with a clear sky and not even a breeze. A very quiet day…

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Pictures Of The Week 42

2015 is going to be a big year for me and BENIsLAND. I’ve already published a blog dedicated to Great Barrier Island Rockfishing and will go live with a dedicated Great Barrier Island Photography blog soon. In the process of sorting out the images I took over the last four years, I realised that my approach was systematically wrong. How can you shoot pictures that fascinate the observer and that tell a story, using a cheap, fully automatic point and shoot camera and not knowing, for instance, what depth of field is?

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Land Based Fishing Can Be So Easy – Great Barrier Island

Last week I took my enthusiastic German visitor/woofer fishing off the rocks in Tryphena. Marius, who has just finished school, is also a keen fisherman and of course he has come to the right place and person to experience first hand how we fish here in New Zealand.

It wasn’t necessarily the best day for it, low tide was in the middle of the day, the wind was not favourable either but I decided that we’ll have a good chance of arresting some fish for dinner at one of my regular spots.

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Back On The Barrier

I embarked on a trip to Auckland (Town) on the ferry with my car last week. The plan was to purchase a complete photo voltaic (PV) system and various other things that had either ‘broken’, like my gum boots, or things that I always needed, like a crimping tool. Taking advantage of a special deal (during a fraction of a year) for residents, it cost 320 NZD for a return trip for myself and a vehicle. I also took out the passenger and rear seats to maximise loading space. My next vehicle will definitely be a true 4×4, one with a transfer box and low gear, van.

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