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Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

My mate from Paul, from Lightwater England, arrived on Thursday. He had a rough sail over, the wind was gusting from southwest with speeds up to 40 knots and I wasn’t too sure if the ferry is going to leave Auckland at all. But it did and arrived here only a couple of hours later than usual. We drove up to BENIsLAND and unpacked, chatted, drank and made heaps of plans for fishing. Unfortunately, the forecasts were not that promising; more wind and gusts. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

We had a good fishing session on Saturday, we is Gary, Chris and myself. They arrived in Tryphena on Thursday and sailed up the west coast the next morning after having a couple of quiet but still celebratory beers on the beach. They spent a night in Blind Bay and sailed into Whagaparapara harbor on Saturday morning,enjoying a hike into the hills. They didn’t provide any pictures but mentioned how unspoilt and beautiful everything was, and that they were keen on some seafood but only caught undersized snapper.  Continue reading Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

Snapper Alarm

It is almost noon on a mainly sunny and calm Sunday and it is so quiet. BENIsLAND is very private and you won’t hear any noise in the mornings or at night. During the day there is the odd chainsaw, or a bike or quad on the tracks,  planes flying to and from the main land, sometimes I hear one of my neighbors dogs. But that’s pretty much it. What you hear here predominantly is the wind blowing through the pine and ti-trees, the old tui singing its songs, the hissing sound of the wood pigeons when they are flying, the screaming of the kakas (a New Zealand parrot) that live in gangs in the pine trees. They seem to be quite feisty and have regularly fly-by-screamings. They fly in a group of 4-5 (the gang) and expel other kakas that came into their territories. I encounter them  up close on the quad, coming up the driveway, when they fly effortlessly right above your head into dense bush. Oh yeah, lest I forget, the funny bird – don’t know what it looks like, but think it is one of those flightless ones – that whistles like a person. The whistling is a bit irritating at first, and you think someone is there… Continue reading Snapper Alarm

The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

I’ve been eating very well the last couple of days, courtesy also of my good friend ‘The Hanimal’ who was here on Thursday. He brought a couple of T-Bone steaks from the mainland and is on his way back home to Switzerland after a short holiday in New Zealand – visiting his number 1. I am glad he made time to come out to BENIsLAND to visit me considering his full-on schedule and it was great catching up, sharing a couple of stories from the older days when we studied in the same institu(tion) and to showing him a little of Great Barrier Island.  Continue reading The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

3 More Arrests in Schooner Bay on Sunday

After a successful mission to Schooner Bay last Thursday, where 2 Snapper were arrested and taken in for questioning, I went to the same spot on Sunday to catch another feed. First cast, booom – okay there was no real boom sound – almost instantly I felt a good take, but did not get the hook up. Further casts did not yield anything, no bites, no nothing. But when you know the fish are there, you don’t give up easily do you?

Continue reading 3 More Arrests in Schooner Bay on Sunday

Snapper Arrested in Schooner Bay

2 Snapper were arrested in Schooner Bay yesterday. South-westerlies were blowing at around 20 knots and I decided to take the quad and go for a quick look around Schooner Bay at just about dead-low tide. It is about a 20 minute casual drive from my place and the bay holds, according to what I heard, good kelp beds, which usually produce good snapper.

Continue reading Snapper Arrested in Schooner Bay

My First Visit to Great Barrier Island

While awaiting the delivery of some tools and building equipment here in Auckland, I thought I share a story about my first visit to Great Barrier Island (Motu Aotea in Te Reo Maori). After all, it was this trip which I took around the Christmas time back in 2008 that made me think about what it would be like to live on Aotea and whether it would be a worthwhile option for me. It all started with me wanting to have some time off and wanting to ‘go away’ for a couple of weeks.   Continue reading My First Visit to Great Barrier Island

Landbased in Tawharanui

Took my mate Tim fishing in early March. We drove to Tawharanui peninsular which is about an hour drive from Albany and is one of Auckland’s many Regional Parks. Tim is a young, aspiring scientist from Cologne, Germany and is making the most out of his visit to New Zealand. Within a space of 2 months after arrival, he’s been to the Coromandel and Great Barrier Island. I’ve been fishing this specific spot for a while now; it is pretty much always productive with some action from Kahawai and the odd snapper. We hiked from the main car park for about an hour, walking over the hills to the trig and through the bush to the cliffs around Takatu Point, which marks the tip of the peninsular. Continue reading Landbased in Tawharanui