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Big Snapper Off The Rocks IX – The Burley Trick

I was feeling energetic walking along the coast with the fishing pack on the back, the rods in one hand and the bucket with bait and burley in the other. It was Sunday morning, about 10 o’clock, and the
plan was to arrest a few fish for dinner. I was so eager about this rockfishing mission that I even took the live-bait rod. The plan was to burley hard, catch a decent snapper and send a live bait out under a balloon before low tide at 12 o’clock.

Conditions seemed great, the sky was overcast, the wind variable and the sea slight. As I was walking up and down those big boulders, telling Rani for the x-th time to either go ahead or behind me, I was thinking of the last times I fished this spot. Mateo and I hooked into big snapper effortlessly, and I was wondering what this day might bring.

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Homemade Smoker

I built a homemade smoker a few weeks ago. Smoking fish is a good way to enjoy it, especially bigger fish, and the idea was to use an oil drum. I had a brief look on the net for some DIY smoker projects and found lots of ideas and inspiration. Look at this extremely nice setup, the smoker I’m going to build next. But for now, a simple, usable smoker, built without much planning, effort or skill should do just fine. Keep it simple, save time and go fishing. As it turns out, my smoker won’t win any design awards but I’m eating smoked fish today and it’s pretty good.  Continue reading Homemade Smoker