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Of Drones and Other Dilemmas

We had finally some much needed rain over the last two days. Actually, I ran out of water temporarily a week ago, and when I walked up to my creek, whilst inspecting the alkathene pipe and connections along the way – it has happened before that a connector popped out or that it was blocked – I noticed there was hardly any water flowing. The reservoir I collect my water from was at the lowest I have ever seen, and my two hoses were not submerged. It was an easy ‘fix’ and I had remote access to the water again, but I took away an uneasy feeling: a) I was hoping for rain and b) eventually, I will have to invest in a tank.

It seems that the rain has moved on, but it is very windy at the moment and as keen as I am fishing for kingis off the rocks on the east coast, the swells and winds have rendered it unfishable for me. It has been like this for a couple of weeks and I hope there will be a window of opportunity soon. I just got some exciting news from a local fishing legend. ‘Kingis have been spotted…
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Left To Right

I’ve been reading a bit lately and take this opportunity to endorse so-called e-readers like the Kindle again. They seem to be fairly priced for what you get. In contrast to tablet computers like the ipad and what not, pure e-book readers have one distinct advantages. They are designed first and foremost as devices for reading e-books. That means, when you turn it on, you will start reading, instead of logging into Facebook, then maybe quickly checking emails etc. All the things that keep you occupied with everything multimedia but reading.  Continue reading Left To Right