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Great Barrier Island Sailing

In general, the weather is still quite moody and un-summery, but we had two fine days last week. The sun was shining, the heavy showers had retreated and there was only a steady breeze out there. On Thursday a mate and myself took the dinghy out and drift-fished around the Tryphena area. It was a bit too quiet for us, but I managed to land one 40 cm snapper. On Friday, J1 and myself hopped onto the Spirit of Breaker Bay and went for a casual sail. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Sailing

Great Barrier Island to Auckland and Back; A Sailing Adventure

Sitting in front of my laptop and trying to put the last 5 days into words. Where to begin and how to describe the events, emotions, encounters and those moments when you can step aside and look at yourself and at what you are doing from another perspective; these are the questions in my mind at the moment. Perhaps I just start at the beginning.

Continue reading Great Barrier Island to Auckland and Back; A Sailing Adventure

Sunsets and Gardening

We had some calm and sunny days over the weekend, so I took it pretty easy on Sunday. Well, that was the plan. Take it easy, do some gardening and write an update for BENIsLAND. However, my generator just refused to start up. I cranked her and cranked her and after 30 or so times, I sat down and thought about what could be wrong. Then I cranked her another 30 times or so, before giving in.  Continue reading Sunsets and Gardening