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Land-Based Fishing: Targeting Snapper

Three beautiful winter snapper in a rock pool.
You don’t need much skill to land decent winter snapper like these, a good plan will suffice.

I start planning most fishing missions by listening to the marine forecast. Foremost, it aids me significantly in judging whether it is safe to go out there or not. Further, it provides me with key information that I use to answer the two most important questions when it comes to fishing.

  • When should I go fishing?
  • Where should I go fishing?

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ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe

There are some cold, stormy south-westerlies building up here at the moment, it even hailed for moment. But it must be worse in other parts of New Zealand. On Thursday, I purchased a 4×4 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad), I took it out for a spin perhaps 2 weeks ago and noticed that it required some mechanical work. That has been completed now; she still needs some TLC but nothing major.  Continue reading ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe