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Green Lipped Mussels – Great Barrier Island

Amongst the many delicious foods that you should try during your New Zealand holiday is of course a dish of fresh, big and juicy green lipped mussels. To make this experience more memorable, gather them yourself. Sometimes, you don’t even need to get wet to collect a feed of mussels.

Fresh, big, delicious and easy to prepare. Green lipped mussels.
Fresh, big and delicious green lipped mussels can be easy to gather and are easy to prepare as well.

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Land-Based Fishing: Targeting Snapper

Three beautiful winter snapper in a rock pool.
You don’t need much skill to land decent winter snapper like these, a good plan will suffice.

I start planning most fishing missions by listening to the marine forecast. Foremost, it aids me significantly in judging whether it is safe to go out there or not. Further, it provides me with key information that I use to answer the two most important questions when it comes to fishing.

  • When should I go fishing?
  • Where should I go fishing?

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The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

I’ve been eating very well the last couple of days, courtesy also of my good friend ‘The Hanimal’ who was here on Thursday. He brought a couple of T-Bone steaks from the mainland and is on his way back home to Switzerland after a short holiday in New Zealand – visiting his number 1. I am glad he made time to come out to BENIsLAND to visit me considering his full-on schedule and it was great catching up, sharing a couple of stories from the older days when we studied in the same institu(tion) and to showing him a little of Great Barrier Island.  Continue reading The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

3 More Arrests in Schooner Bay on Sunday

After a successful mission to Schooner Bay last Thursday, where 2 Snapper were arrested and taken in for questioning, I went to the same spot on Sunday to catch another feed. First cast, booom – okay there was no real boom sound – almost instantly I felt a good take, but did not get the hook up. Further casts did not yield anything, no bites, no nothing. But when you know the fish are there, you don’t give up easily do you?

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Wild Rabbit Curry

The other evening I was busy on the laptop when I noticed the cat flap opening with my cat having a – what appeared at first site – strange rat in his mouth. He’s been really good, catching about a dozen or so rats. He brings them inside to show off and to play around with them for a while. Often that turns into an activity for the both of us, as his catch is usually very lively and sometimes manages to squeeze into a crack or somewhere where Mohammed can’t get to, and I have to deal with it…

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