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Losing Rani

It’s been a bit quiet here on benisland, mainly because I haven’t been up to much practical stuff lately. Rani got lost on Sunday, she was having her breakfast in the morning and I went to the back garden trying to get at least something growing. The grass is man high in that corner and I’m guessing that when she finished her food, she couldn’t see or hear me and thought I left without her.

Well, 5 hours later and albeit checking the bush, my neighbor’s place, calling her and walking through the areas I take her for walks, absolutely no sign. It was an awful feeling, she’s been with me pretty much every day for the last 15 months and not knowing where she was, what she was doing, was concerning. I thought it’ll be best to stay put and continue calling out for her.
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Holiday on Great Barrier Island

Easter is probably the last ‘run’ of the visitors to Great Barrier Island until Christmas. I say ‘run’ as in the bull run in Pamblona because when I went down to the ferry on Friday, there were hundreds of visitors coming off the boat, all carrying lots of gear and all moving in one direction. Weather was pretty crap on Friday and Saturday, with big swells on the East Coast – well that’s a good thing for the surfers – and rain and wind. I had a bit of a surprise visit from friends who spontaneously decided to come to Great Barrier Island. Unfortunately, their initial ferry ride across was canceled due to bad weather and their island experience was thus shortened. Continue reading Holiday on Great Barrier Island