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My Chicken Farm

Happy New Year to you and my best wishes for 2016. It’s has been pouring rain heavily for the last 10 hours here on the Barrier, accompanied by cold, northerly gusts. Quite an ugly start into the new year weather-wise, but it’s All Good.

Today, I wanted to post a couple photos of my little chicken farm and setup. There are two chook pens, the new one was established only weeks ago and has an area of about 40 square meters. A few days ago, I managed to get all the chicken together into the new pen. There are 13 hens, 1 rooster and 14 chicks.

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Tryphena Harbour Views & Private Hiking Track

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. I have been taking it easy in the past weeks, enjoying time off, eating, drinking and otherwise mucking around on the property. The best part of this holiday is, however, that work still gets done and that important projects were finished (not by me). Fortunately, it is sufficient to take a supervisory/2nd row role, as David is an outstanding wwoofer (willing worker on organic farm).

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Pictures Of The Week 42

2015 is going to be a big year for me and BENIsLAND. I’ve already published a blog dedicated to Great Barrier Island Rockfishing and will go live with a dedicated Great Barrier Island Photography blog soon. In the process of sorting out the images I took over the last four years, I realised that my approach was systematically wrong. How can you shoot pictures that fascinate the observer and that tell a story, using a cheap, fully automatic point and shoot camera and not knowing, for instance, what depth of field is?

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Pictures Of The Week 33 – Mussels and Sea-Weed

It has been more than a week since my last post and about 6 weeks since I went fishing last. I kinda feel bad about it, especially as traffic is increasing steadily on BENIsLAND. Perhaps the rainy weather had gotten to me, I spent quite a few days inside watching movies and not doing much at all. BTW, I watched an awesome film titled ‘The Castle‘ from 1997. Even shot a tear; funny, moving and such clear and time-less messages that would have resolved a many issues between people and will resolve present and future problems, too. If only, well watch the film. Continue reading Pictures Of The Week 33 – Mussels and Sea-Weed

Pictures of the Week 18

I went to Auckland (town) for a few days last week to organize things, things I cannot share at the moment with you. Anyway, the trip went well and I was able to finalize the things I had to do. It was strange driving in a straight line on the motorway, it was strange doing so with many cars around, it was strange realizing I had trouble keeping up with a minimum speed limit, it was strange to see kids hang out at night on the parking area of a mall, which was already closed for hours. Continue reading Pictures of the Week 18