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Rainy Days & Barry S. Falls

It feels unusual not to have a full work-programme during the school holidays, and I admit I had a great week. Busier than usual though, lots of walking, hiking, a bit of drive-way work, took a family fishing, some photography, went up Mt. Hirakimata and things going well, I’ll even be “busier” in the upcoming weeks. There is a vacation coming up as well soon, and I’m looking forward to assembling and using my new chainsaw.

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Pictures of the Week 17

We experienced strong downpours of rain last week and today seems to be another one of those days. It appears, however, that my place will never flood, the contour of the land and the walls of rocks that have been put up direct all storm water away. Other than that I was busy clearing a path and stocking the wood for next season. I also believe to have found a great source of nutritious humus which I can use to build up the garden soil. Hopefully, the gardens will be much more productive next season.

Needless to say that a trailer would be handy. But yeah, that's how I bring the firewood up to my site.
Needless to say that a trailer would be handy. But yeah, that’s how I bring the firewood up to my site.

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Happy New Year!

Yes, another new year. At least for those who follow the Gregorian Calendar and celebrate a new year on the first of January. Who came up with that idea any way? It’s a bit random to start a new year in the middle of winter (or summer). I mean, technically that’s all good, but it lacks creativity, doesn’t it?  It’s a bit like the so-called birthday. Most people celebrate their birthday, once per year, and on the calendar date they were born on. They do that until they die! I mean, who stops and throws a party because they have lived 10000 days for instance. A big number. Doesn’t it cry for celebration when you turn 10000 days?

In Iran, the former Persia, among other countries, the March equinox marks the first day of the calendar and hence the New Year. On the Northern Hemisphere this point in time marks the beginning of Spring which is good timing for celebration. That logic doesn’t work if you live on the Southern Hemisphere though. At the end of the day, I think, most calendars are rooted in religion or ancient mythology, so perhaps it’s no surprise that there are a few oddities… Continue reading 2012

Christmas Break

Yeeha, today is knock off day, we are having a big Christmas party at work later during the day and then we’ll be into our 3 week break. I’ve already got plans for the three weeks off. There are a variety of projects that need finishing or in some cases starting on the property. Stuff like, dig out a new garden area, weed eating, spraying some weeds, work on my website and on the drive way, building racks, a filleting table a compost bin, install the hot water califont.  I intend to do some crazy things too. Like doing laundry and giving the A-Frame a nice tidy up.

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Rain, Rain and More Wind.

It’s been raining since Sunday, on and off drizzle and short downpours. Reminds me a bit of when I moved here in winter. The drive way and all around the house site are muddy. The wind is blowing like mad from east, north-east, the sky is gray with low-hanging clouds and I haven’t seen the sun for a while. Lucky I went around the site with the weed-eater last Sunday; a bit of a tidy up really… Continue reading Rain, Rain and More Wind.

Waiting for the Rain

Busy, busy and busy; that is what is going on at the moment. There is heaps happening at work, just before Christmas, roads need to be finished, trucks are checked for their Certificate of Fitness and yeah, Iranium keeps me busy, too. I’m working full time at the moment, which is good, but, leaving little time and often little energy to do other things.

Waiting for the rain on Sunday. It looked like this for a long time, but it poured down eventually.

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Welcome To Great Barrier Island; Accident, Orcas, Dolphins & more

—Just a note. Sorry for the late update, but I’m having great difficulties picking up a signal for my mobile Internet. —

It is 0700 in the morning and I am on my way via ferry to Great Barrier Island, taking the rest of my belongings to my new home. Relocation started on the 24th of June; the plan was to pack two cars, take them over, build a weather-proof shed, put all my stuff into it, build a case for the batteries and home-made 12 V generator, get the mobile Internet going, install a fire-place and start boarding up the rundown and abandoned A-Frame that stands on the house site. Well, this was the plan, and here is what really happened. Continue reading Welcome To Great Barrier Island; Accident, Orcas, Dolphins & more