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2014 – Great Barrier Island

It is January the first 2014, I’m sitting at my desk, listening to music, enjoying expansive views toward Station Rock, Puriri Bay and to my old home – The A-Frame -, it is raining and, mates, I’m thoroughly enjoying my new desk. To me it is both a reflection of the accomplishments of 2013 and in a sense a platform for future achievements. My circumstances have changed dramatically, I’m aware of it, I’m appreciative, obviously glad and grateful of being able to shape and create my life(style). Continue reading 2014 – Great Barrier Island

Great Barrier Island Sailing

In general, the weather is still quite moody and un-summery, but we had two fine days last week. The sun was shining, the heavy showers had retreated and there was only a steady breeze out there. On Thursday a mate and myself took the dinghy out and drift-fished around the Tryphena area. It was a bit too quiet for us, but I managed to land one 40 cm snapper. On Friday, J1 and myself hopped onto the Spirit of Breaker Bay and went for a casual sail. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Sailing

Christmas Break

Yeeha, today is knock off day, we are having a big Christmas party at work later during the day and then we’ll be into our 3 week break. I’ve already got plans for the three weeks off. There are a variety of projects that need finishing or in some cases starting on the property. Stuff like, dig out a new garden area, weed eating, spraying some weeds, work on my website and on the drive way, building racks, a filleting table a compost bin, install the hot water califont.  I intend to do some crazy things too. Like doing laundry and giving the A-Frame a nice tidy up.

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Can’t Find The Fish

The weather has been really good for a while now, no wind, sunny and warm, and I went out for a fish off the rocks twice, but as the title implies I didn’t catch anything. On Friday morning I was standing on a massive ledge on the east coast (Oruawharo Bay) and had a bait in the water by 8 o’clock.

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ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe

There are some cold, stormy south-westerlies building up here at the moment, it even hailed for moment. But it must be worse in other parts of New Zealand. On Thursday, I purchased a 4×4 All Terrain Vehicle (ATV or Quad), I took it out for a spin perhaps 2 weeks ago and noticed that it required some mechanical work. That has been completed now; she still needs some TLC but nothing major.  Continue reading ATV, Fishing and Smoking Recipe