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Green Lipped Mussels – Great Barrier Island

Amongst the many delicious foods that you should try during your New Zealand holiday is of course a dish of fresh, big and juicy green lipped mussels. To make this experience more memorable, gather them yourself. Sometimes, you don’t even need to get wet to collect a feed of mussels.

Fresh, big, delicious and easy to prepare. Green lipped mussels.
Fresh, big and delicious green lipped mussels can be easy to gather and are easy to prepare as well.

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NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair

Just got this message from a Green Party MP in regards to the reduction of the daily snapper bag limit for recreational fishers in the wider Auckland area that has been announced by the current government. Yes, it is down from 9 snapper per day to 7 and the size limit will increase from 27 cm to 30 cm. Commercial snapper fishing won’t be affected though (no size limit at all.) ‘That’s not fair!’ This is what many think, including this Green Party MP. Continue reading NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair