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Christmas Break

Yeeha, today is knock off day, we are having a big Christmas party at work later during the day and then we’ll be into our 3 week break. I’ve already got plans for the three weeks off. There are a variety of projects that need finishing or in some cases starting on the property. Stuff like, dig out a new garden area, weed eating, spraying some weeds, work on my website and on the drive way, building racks, a filleting table a compost bin, install the hot water califont.  I intend to do some crazy things too. Like doing laundry and giving the A-Frame a nice tidy up.

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Sunsets and Gardening

We had some calm and sunny days over the weekend, so I took it pretty easy on Sunday. Well, that was the plan. Take it easy, do some gardening and write an update for BENIsLAND. However, my generator just refused to start up. I cranked her and cranked her and after 30 or so times, I sat down and thought about what could be wrong. Then I cranked her another 30 times or so, before giving in.  Continue reading Sunsets and Gardening