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My Buddy Moe, The Keen German Angler

I met Moe a few years ago via an online discussion group about fishing in New Zealand on a facebook-similar social media platform. The first time we physically met was in Port Jackson, Coromandel Peninsular, and it was clear from day one that Moe was not only an avid salt- and freshwater angler but also highly skilled in the art and finesse of luring and – as he likes to call it – arresting fish. He spent an entire year in New Zealand and if he wasn’t in the vicinity of Turangi (the trout fishing capitol of the world, but also well-known for Turangi-Terror), fishing the rivers for rainbow and brown trout, he was either at the wharf in Cornwallis in the Waitakeres fishing for kingfish or touring the country in his station wagon – possibly scouting for new fishing spots…

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