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On Being Happier

You probably have experienced more than once that feeling, be it after a birthday, a vacation, the beginning of a new year or a random occurrence, when you realize that you want to and/or need to change. The last couple of years have been rather comfortable, I don’t owe money, my micro-home has come together nicely, the firewood is sorted for winter, visited family and friends in Europe twice, became a keen photographer and other good stuff happened, too.

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Killing & Butchering a Pig – How It’s Done Without A Gun

A week ago, Hellmut the pig saw his last morning. I had no intentions of keeping him as a pet and the time had come to kill and butcher him. This was not something I had done before, so I was glad that one of the local Barrier boys was keen to help out. Here is a recap of what turned out to be a quick and clean job with photos and thoughts on the experience.

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New On BENIsLAND: Hellmut The Pig

I got back to the Barrier on Tuesday, after an unexpected trip to Town. While I helped a mate and got heaps done for myself in Auckland, I must admit that I still feel rather exhausted. We left on the barge on Sunday, got to Town at night, drove to Whangarei in two fully laden trucks. One was overheating, so the 3 hour trip took like 6. We unloaded the trucks on Monday morning, and I headed back to Auckland to get me some supplies.

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