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Great Barrier Island Photography

I started this blog 5.5 years ago, writing about my life, experiences and opinions on Great Barrier Island. Thanks to all who remind me that this is worthwhile and that I should write more regularly. At the moment, I don’t know what to write about and don’t feel like re-chewing stuff I already wrote about.

During this process I discovered a love for photography and am enjoying this medium very much.

To see these and many more photos of the Barrier in high-resolution, visit:  http://www.images.benisland.com

Cheers, Ben

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Great Barrier Island Photography

I made a short video from a few photographs I’ve taken this year. Brandon Stanley mentioned Adobe After Effects to me as a way to visualize photos. I had a bit of a go at it and ended up using the free Video Editor OpenShot. I’m content with the outcome, easy to use software and stable on my Ubuntu OS. The pan and zoom effects are unfortunately not comprehensive enough. I had also a go at Kdenlive (another free, open-source video editor), which seemed to offer a better range and diversity of effects, but it crashed on my system.

Set the youtube settings to Youtube-HD 720p for best resolution.

Pushed Around Like Clouds

Dear friend,

sometimes we are pushed around in life by forces outside of our control. We might feel, as a result, a lack of consistency, shape and even ability. These emotions can have negative impact on our lives. How we deal with this realisation or feeling is the aim of this post. But let us take a figurative step back and think of clouds. It has helped me and it might do so for you.

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Going For A Night Walk – Tryphena Beaches by Night

After a week of gusty winds and other turbulent conditions, a window of opportunity opened up on Friday. As it is often the case and as it kinda should be, the weather gods were kind on the first of May and granted us a sunny day with a clear sky and not even a breeze. A very quiet day…

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