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Going For A Night Walk – Tryphena Beaches by Night

After a week of gusty winds and other turbulent conditions, a window of opportunity opened up on Friday. As it is often the case and as it kinda should be, the weather gods were kind on the first of May and granted us a sunny day with a clear sky and not even a breeze. A very quiet day…

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Losing Rani

It’s been a bit quiet here on benisland, mainly because I haven’t been up to much practical stuff lately. Rani got lost on Sunday, she was having her breakfast in the morning and I went to the back garden trying to get at least something growing. The grass is man high in that corner and I’m guessing that when she finished her food, she couldn’t see or hear me and thought I left without her.

Well, 5 hours later and albeit checking the bush, my neighbor’s place, calling her and walking through the areas I take her for walks, absolutely no sign. It was an awful feeling, she’s been with me pretty much every day for the last 15 months and not knowing where she was, what she was doing, was concerning. I thought it’ll be best to stay put and continue calling out for her.
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Swimming With Dolphins in Tryphena; Rugby Word Cup 2011

The weather has been great lately, warm and sunny and I have been working most of the week, but today I got my camera out and went for a ride towards Schooner Bay, yet again. On the way I had to stop to take pictures of the following:

This is at 11 in the morning at Pah Beach in Tryphena at low tide. A guy swimming with a school of dolphins...

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Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

I got up this morning around 0600 and had plans to go fishing. However, the place is still a mess, things are disorganized and lying on the ground. You put something down, you turn around and it is gone. Frustrating at times… So yeah, after 20 minutes of looking for my gear I decided not to go fishing and to tidy up the place instead. Besides, it is a bit hard going at the moment without a car, and my neighbor gave me some home made sausages yesterday; don’t need any fish for eating today. Continue reading Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update