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Big Snapper Off The Rocks IV – Rockfishing in Tryphena

I had to go fishing off the rocks yesterday, mainly because I was listening to the forecast, looking at the chart and the tides for a few days in a row. The weather was stunning, sunshine, low wind, high tides in the mornings and late evenings. I over-thought the whole idea of fishing, contemplating whether to go to the east coast or to somewhere else. The best options seemed to get up early or go for an evening fish around the high tide mark. I wanted to get out to an area that is, however, not accessible around high tide. I wasn’t keen on going on an evening fish, getting up really early didn’t seem that enticing either. I also didn’t want to end up fishing off the rocks when the sun is at its zenith and the tide was all out. But yesterday, I just had to go out and decided to head to a bay in Tryphena. Haven’t been there for a while now, it’s close to home and the forecast was for a cloudy day with northerly winds. So I thought, I’ll go all the way to the end of the southern end of the bay – access is tidal – and fish from mid-tide (outgoing) until mid-tide (incoming). Around 6 hours of fishing, including an hour for the return trip.  Continue reading Big Snapper Off The Rocks IV – Rockfishing in Tryphena