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Improving New Zealand’s Fish Stocks

If you’re interested in the state of New Zealand’s fish stocks, you’ll find an enourmous volume of publications from government and ministry of fisheries claiming that they are on the rise, improving in quantity and quality. NZ fish and commercial fishing methods applied are up with the world’s best.

Well, I’ve lived 13 years in New Zealand and one thing every immigrant learns quickly is that New Zealand is world class in EVERYTHING. Full stop. I believe we also make some of the best mozzarella cheese worldwide.

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NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair

Just got this message from a Green Party MP in regards to the reduction of the daily snapper bag limit for recreational fishers in the wider Auckland area that has been announced by the current government. Yes, it is down from 9 snapper per day to 7 and the size limit will increase from 27 cm to 30 cm. Commercial snapper fishing won’t be affected though (no size limit at all.) ‘That’s not fair!’ This is what many think, including this Green Party MP. Continue reading NZ Fisheries – That’s Not Fair

39 Hour Trip to Germany

I arrived safe, sound and fit in Germany yesterday and am sitting right now in my parent’s lounge, watching some TV and thought that I’d pass on a few of my experiences of the 39 hour trip. Yupp, it took a cool 39 hours and I didn’t even count the time on the ferry from the Barrier to Auckland. But I counted the 4 hours at the airport in Auckland, the 1 hour bus trip to the airport, the 7 hours in transit in Shanghai, the 3 hour trip from Amsterdam to Neuenkirchen and of course the net flight time of a bit over 24 hours.

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Great Barrier Island Sailing

In general, the weather is still quite moody and un-summery, but we had two fine days last week. The sun was shining, the heavy showers had retreated and there was only a steady breeze out there. On Thursday a mate and myself took the dinghy out and drift-fished around the Tryphena area. It was a bit too quiet for us, but I managed to land one 40 cm snapper. On Friday, J1 and myself hopped onto the Spirit of Breaker Bay and went for a casual sail. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Sailing