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Johnson’s Bay – Oruawharo Bay – My Backyard

My good friend tells me to go fishing, the volunteer on site – who is creating a new hiking track – tells me to go fishing and something tells me that more than a few of the good people who read this blog want me to go fishing as well. The bad news is that I wasn’t fishing and have nothing to write about in this respect.

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I’m Walking & The Chooks Are Fine, Too

It is winter, we had a few cold nights, many beautiful, crisp, sunny mornings and some inclement, windy days. Not much rain, all in all quite comfortable. I’m sleeping well, about nine hours a day, it is quiet and I walk a lot. Well, more than usual any way.

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First Fish of the Year

I went rockfishing on the southern side of Medland’s Beach last Saturday, also known as shark alley. Almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at the DOC camping ground where I park my car; there were people camping! I counted 6+ tents. The next surprise occurred when I walked over the bridge, there were lots of cars with trailers parked on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing to see people spending time on the Barrier and enjoying the island, I was just surprised.

No queues at this ‘ramp’, but still a lot of activity for this
part of the world.

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Brief Moments of Kingfish Frenzy

Low tide was at around 6 in the morning today and I was on the rocks, with a bait in the water at about the same time. The shop was out of berley yet again and all I had to catch and attract fish was a kilo of defrosted squid. Conditions were actually great, hardly any wind, overcast and I was wearing my new polarized sunglasses. I was hoping to catch a kahawai straight away and use it as a live bait to hook a kingfish.

Almost 6 in the morning, quite warm and the walk is much more pleasant when there is no wind.

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Seeing Big Fish; Catching Small Fish

I went to the same spot on the northern side of Medland’s Beach as last week and was in for another exciting experience fishing off the rocks. This time I was wearing shoes instead of gum boots and realized that there is a quicker way over and around the hill. I still can’t believe it but I managed to reach the fishing spot in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps I don’t want to believe it because my lungs were bursting yet again going up hill. Now, I’ve been warned to “watch the bull” when I’m on that hill, and although I recognized cow feces and obvious tracks last time, I didn’t expect that shit being literally bull shit. Well, it was around 0630 and I was half way over the hill when I spotted a bull in the distance, I took a picture of it and zoomed in later to verify the big horns.

There is a bull that roams on the hills and I don’t really fancy meeting him one morning up close…

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New Favorite Fishing Spot

When it comes to fishing there are good days, bad days, exceptional days and those days that would be summed up as exciting. Today was certainly an exciting one. I saw a king fish approaching fast out of the deep and leaping out of the water to attack bait fish right in front of my feet in the berley trail, and ended up finding a great new fishing spot on the east coast with lots of potential. It was a beautiful day, we don’t have many of those at the moment, I grabbed the last berley bomb and some squid from the shop and headed to the East Coast. On the way I spotted white caps and that the north-westerly winds were going to be a hassle if I went down to the usual spot. The other side of the bay, however, was sheltered from the winds and I always wanted to have a fish there.

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Big Snapper Off The Rocks

When it comes to fishing, you just can’t top rockfishing or as some people say LBG (land-based-game fishing). I’m going to stick with the term rockfishing as LBG implies that you do a bit more than simply casting out a piece of dead bait from the rocks and hoping to catch the big one. We had rough seas and gusting south-westerlies all week and I was eager to go for a fish. Continue reading Big Snapper Off The Rocks