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A Special Big Snapper

Roughly a month after our last fishing adventure (the best snapper fishing we’ve experienced so far), Sinclair and I hit another remote ledge on the Barrier. We met at 1430 and headed to the south of the Island. After about 45 min. of hiking we reached a small bay and rock-hopped for another 15 minutes to get to a ledge. The conditions were good, if not great and our timing turned out to be rather perfect. Low tide was at 1730, and we had baits in the water at about 1600. There was a small breeze, the sea calm, the sky overcast, the views outstanding and even the birds left us alone.

The full article including high-resolution photos is available for free on my fishing blog. Click on the following photo to be lined to the article.

What did I catch, click on this photo to read the full article.
What did I catch, click on this photo to read the full article.

Big Snapper Off The Rocks XI – The Big Surprise

Last week I was asked whether I was available to take a couple who were visiting Great Barrier Island fishing off the rocks. They were staying with a friend of mine and since I hadn’t been to her place, I decided to check the area out the day before. After meeting and having a chat with everyone, I walked down from the house to the bay pictured below to suss out the track and where to fish.

Click on this photo to read the full article.
Click on this photo to read the full article.

The full article with tips, tricks and how this big moocher was landed can be read on fishing.benisland.com.

Rockfishing With My Dad

Having my dad over for a visit is great. It is his first time on beniSland and one thing I wanted to make sure of was that his first rockfishing mission on the Barrier would be a success. Partly because I want him to land and eat decent fish, but …

read the full article on The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog (http://www.fishing.benisland.com/index.php/rockfishing-with-my-dad/).

Kingfish Off The Rocks VIII

On our last rockfishing session for the year, Paul and I landed another kingfish. I was hoping to catch a 40+ pound kingi and things went really well to start with. About half an hour before low tide, I got a strike far out, my live-baited kahawai got taken, however, even with a quarter of drag, I just did not feel any fish at the end of the line. It turned out to be a rat (a small kingi) and we released it. Check out the full article, with tips and trick and great pictures at http://www.fishing.benisland.com/index.php/kingfish-off-the-rocks-viii/

Kingfish Off The Rocks VII

On a lighter note, Paul and I hooked into kingfish on Saturday and Sunday. Two memorable fishing days really, we finally saw good fishing action and landed the targeted species. A write-up with great pictures is available on my fishing blog (http://www.fishing.benisland.com/index.php/kingfish-off-the-rocks-vii-great-barrier-island/).

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The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog

My new blog, http://www.fishing.benisland.com, is solely dedicated to Rockfishing on the Barrier. Check out my stories, detailed articles, the how to section, images and recipes. Tell me what you think. My short-term goal is to share experiences with other landbased enthusiasts, and to publish informative articles that are both entertaining and helpful. Continue reading The Great Barrier Island Rockfishing Blog

Bad Fishing – When Things Don’t Go According To Plan

We experienced quite difficult and unproductive fishing last Sunday on the East Coast. Well, the fish were certainly there somewhere, but we just didn’t hook them. We had an early start, had squid and pilchards for bait and a bag of burley. I had my kingi gear and the plan was to arrest a couple snapper and have a go at targeting her majesty.

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