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Seeing Big Fish; Catching Small Fish

I went to the same spot on the northern side of Medland’s Beach as last week and was in for another exciting experience fishing off the rocks. This time I was wearing shoes instead of gum boots and realized that there is a quicker way over and around the hill. I still can’t believe it but I managed to reach the fishing spot in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps I don’t want to believe it because my lungs were bursting yet again going up hill. Now, I’ve been warned to “watch the bull” when I’m on that hill, and although I recognized cow feces and obvious tracks last time, I didn’t expect that shit being literally bull shit. Well, it was around 0630 and I was half way over the hill when I spotted a bull in the distance, I took a picture of it and zoomed in later to verify the big horns.

There is a bull that roams on the hills and I don’t really fancy meeting him one morning up close…

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Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

My mate from Paul, from Lightwater England, arrived on Thursday. He had a rough sail over, the wind was gusting from southwest with speeds up to 40 knots and I wasn’t too sure if the ferry is going to leave Auckland at all. But it did and arrived here only a couple of hours later than usual. We drove up to BENIsLAND and unpacked, chatted, drank and made heaps of plans for fishing. Unfortunately, the forecasts were not that promising; more wind and gusts. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing