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Left To Right

I’ve been reading a bit lately and take this opportunity to endorse so-called e-readers like the Kindle again. They seem to be fairly priced for what you get. In contrast to tablet computers like the ipad and what not, pure e-book readers have one distinct advantages. They are designed first and foremost as devices for reading e-books. That means, when you turn it on, you will start reading, instead of logging into Facebook, then maybe quickly checking emails etc. All the things that keep you occupied with everything multimedia but reading.  Continue reading Left To Right


Happy New Year!

Yes, another new year. At least for those who follow the Gregorian Calendar and celebrate a new year on the first of January. Who came up with that idea any way? It’s a bit random to start a new year in the middle of winter (or summer). I mean, technically that’s all good, but it lacks creativity, doesn’t it?  It’s a bit like the so-called birthday. Most people celebrate their birthday, once per year, and on the calendar date they were born on. They do that until they die! I mean, who stops and throws a party because they have lived 10000 days for instance. A big number. Doesn’t it cry for celebration when you turn 10000 days?

In Iran, the former Persia, among other countries, the March equinox marks the first day of the calendar and hence the New Year. On the Northern Hemisphere this point in time marks the beginning of Spring which is good timing for celebration. That logic doesn’t work if you live on the Southern Hemisphere though. At the end of the day, I think, most calendars are rooted in religion or ancient mythology, so perhaps it’s no surprise that there are a few oddities… Continue reading 2012