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Pictures of the Week 28 – Chilichef

Healthy looking chili plants
Healthy looking chili plants

These healthy chili plants are unfortunately not mine, I failed yet again to grow chilis and capsicums successfully. While chatting with Tony – on my way to a fishing spot – I noticed these plants from the corner of my eye, which led to more chatting and a closer inspection.

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Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

We had a good fishing session on Saturday, we is Gary, Chris and myself. They arrived in Tryphena on Thursday and sailed up the west coast the next morning after having a couple of quiet but still celebratory beers on the beach. They spent a night in Blind Bay and sailed into Whagaparapara harbor on Saturday morning,enjoying a hike into the hills. They didn’t provide any pictures but mentioned how unspoilt and beautiful everything was, and that they were keen on some seafood but only caught undersized snapper.  Continue reading Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

Can’t Find The Fish

The weather has been really good for a while now, no wind, sunny and warm, and I went out for a fish off the rocks twice, but as the title implies I didn’t catch anything. On Friday morning I was standing on a massive ledge on the east coast (Oruawharo Bay) and had a bait in the water by 8 o’clock.

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