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The New Zealand Wood Pigeon

The kereru is a large and vividly coloured pigeon. A few weeks ago I heard them flying into my small plum orchard and went to sit under the biggest tree to observe their behaviour. I did that for three days in a row, their timing was like clock-work, and was therefore able to get pretty close to them on the fourth day to get these shots. Click on any of the following photos and you will be linked to a gallery of high-resolution kereru photos.

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Back On The Barrier

I embarked on a trip to Auckland (Town) on the ferry with my car last week. The plan was to purchase a complete photo voltaic (PV) system and various other things that had either ‘broken’, like my gum boots, or things that I always needed, like a crimping tool. Taking advantage of a special deal (during a fraction of a year) for residents, it cost 320 NZD for a return trip for myself and a vehicle. I also took out the passenger and rear seats to maximise loading space. My next vehicle will definitely be a true 4×4, one with a transfer box and low gear, van.

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Pictures of the Week 20 – Extreme Hammocking Part I

    Relaxing in the hammock for most of the day, enjoying these views over Tryphena Harbour with a couple of beers...
Relaxing in the hammock for most of the day, enjoying these views over Tryphena Harbour with a couple of beers…

I’ve been relatively busy lately. I’m designing and building a small home. Things are going really well – which I acknowledge – and before the end of this year I’ll write exhaustively about how I planned, designed and built an affordable, simple and yet utterly stunning home that will last.

This project, my new job and a few other things were starting to have a toll on my energy levels and mood, so the decision was made to take it really easy on the weekend, to find my hammock and relax/meditate with a few beers at one of my favourite spots on BENIsLAND. I had a very satisfying day in the hammock up in the hills and realised that I need to this more often. So this is hopefully the first part of ‘Extreme Hammocking’.

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Nikau Palm

I’m somewhat fascinated by Nikau trees, an endemic palm tree to New Zealand; when allowed, they grow straight and tall, around 15-20 meters high, with massive fronds up to 3 m long. Their root system must be shallow as I can visibly shake a tree about 8 meters tall, which is probably around 30-40 years old. I found many clusters of nikau in the wet areas of my property and actually enjoy sitting there, amongst a forest of palms, in their shade and sheltered from the winds, listening to the birds and allowing my mind to wander. Their fruit is apparently edible, but I have yet to find ripe ones which I can also access. I’ve noticed Kereru (NZ endemic pigeon) and Kaka (NZ endemic parrot) eating the fruit and judging by the amount of juvenile nikau I suppose the bird life is doing well in regeneration dense clusters of nikau forests.

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Kererū, The New Zealand (Wood) Pigeon

The Kererū is allegedly in gradual decline and quite indeed an impressive pigeon, with its acrobatic twirls, noisy flight, beautiful colors and big size. Their conservation status is NT (nearly threatened), according to Wikipedia and other New Zealand sources. Due its large size it is one of the only birds that can digest and thus distribute large seeds and drupes. This explains why I have so many premature plum trees scattered all over the bush. They live in pairs and like to occupy the same area.

Beautiful and important New Zealand (wood) pigeon eating away on my trees.

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