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Fishing at Cape Barrier

I went fishing off the rocks yesterday in Island Bay, a little bay opposing Rabbit Island. I’ve never been there before, but have fished Johnson’s Bay and the famous ‘rod holder spot’ at Cape Barrier which are in the same area. Last week I was fishing that famous spot and it was a bit rougher than forecasted.  But there were plenty of small kahawai and action all the time. I landed one decent pan-sized snapper and hooked a big fish on a kahawai fillet. I lost that fish though and am still, this is some 7 days later, pretty gutted about it. It was a solid snapper take, I fought it hard and it was pulling lots of line against heavy drag and 40 pound main line. And just when I was firmly sure that I’m going to land it, a few moments before I was able to see some color, to bring it to the surface, the hook must have ripped. That’s my theory anyway, if a snapper is hooked in the jaw, it can’t ‘spit’ the hook and it won’t rip, but if it is hooked in the flesh around the mouth area, I believe, too much pressure can be a huge disadvantage. Anyway, albeit not having too high expectations, the feeling of adventure was surely heightened yesterday, because I was exploring new fishing terrain.   Continue reading Fishing at Cape Barrier

Seeing Big Fish; Catching Small Fish

I went to the same spot on the northern side of Medland’s Beach as last week and was in for another exciting experience fishing off the rocks. This time I was wearing shoes instead of gum boots and realized that there is a quicker way over and around the hill. I still can’t believe it but I managed to reach the fishing spot in less than 30 minutes. Perhaps I don’t want to believe it because my lungs were bursting yet again going up hill. Now, I’ve been warned to “watch the bull” when I’m on that hill, and although I recognized cow feces and obvious tracks last time, I didn’t expect that shit being literally bull shit. Well, it was around 0630 and I was half way over the hill when I spotted a bull in the distance, I took a picture of it and zoomed in later to verify the big horns.

There is a bull that roams on the hills and I don’t really fancy meeting him one morning up close…

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Some Pictures

Two weeks have passed already since my last blog and frankly, nothing much unusual has happened since. I went out on a bit of a mission yesterday, trying to find a new and potentially rewarding fishing spot but it turned out to be too difficult. I mean of course for my dog Rani, I was fine, but she had problems following. The destination was Blind Bay and the plan was to fish the outgoing tide on the end of the bay, in casting distance to a big, mean current line. See the red dot on the following picture.

It looked calm enough to try to walk to the ‘end’ of the bay.

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Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

My mate from Paul, from Lightwater England, arrived on Thursday. He had a rough sail over, the wind was gusting from southwest with speeds up to 40 knots and I wasn’t too sure if the ferry is going to leave Auckland at all. But it did and arrived here only a couple of hours later than usual. We drove up to BENIsLAND and unpacked, chatted, drank and made heaps of plans for fishing. Unfortunately, the forecasts were not that promising; more wind and gusts. Continue reading Great Barrier Island Kingfish – Rockfishing

Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

We had a good fishing session on Saturday, we is Gary, Chris and myself. They arrived in Tryphena on Thursday and sailed up the west coast the next morning after having a couple of quiet but still celebratory beers on the beach. They spent a night in Blind Bay and sailed into Whagaparapara harbor on Saturday morning,enjoying a hike into the hills. They didn’t provide any pictures but mentioned how unspoilt and beautiful everything was, and that they were keen on some seafood but only caught undersized snapper.  Continue reading Rockfishing in Tryphena Harbor

Rockfishing in Tryphena

We had another long weekend, Monday being a national holiday (Waitangi Day), and it was overcast with strong easterly winds all weekend. On Sunday I felt like going for a fish but we are having high tides in the mornings and late afternoons at the moment. I prefer an outgoing tide early in the morning and most spots I have fished from the rocks over here are not (easily) accessible on foot and around the high tide mark. The east coast was out of the question due to a meter and a half swell and strong easterly winds, it seemed quiet on the Tryphena side however.  Continue reading Rockfishing in Tryphena

The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

I’ve been eating very well the last couple of days, courtesy also of my good friend ‘The Hanimal’ who was here on Thursday. He brought a couple of T-Bone steaks from the mainland and is on his way back home to Switzerland after a short holiday in New Zealand – visiting his number 1. I am glad he made time to come out to BENIsLAND to visit me considering his full-on schedule and it was great catching up, sharing a couple of stories from the older days when we studied in the same institu(tion) and to showing him a little of Great Barrier Island.  Continue reading The Hanimal, T-Bone Steaks, Making Bread and a Rockfish

Caught Bait; Can I Catch Fish???

Another superb winter day, a bit crisp to start with, a lot of sun with some southerly breezes. As planned, I went down to the beach at high tide (big tides at the moment with a strong flow…), down to the river mouth. The wind was blowing right at me, and it is a very shallow, stony beach. I gave it a try, but went on to the point between the two beaches at Puriri Bay.

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Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

I got up this morning around 0600 and had plans to go fishing. However, the place is still a mess, things are disorganized and lying on the ground. You put something down, you turn around and it is gone. Frustrating at times… So yeah, after 20 minutes of looking for my gear I decided not to go fishing and to tidy up the place instead. Besides, it is a bit hard going at the moment without a car, and my neighbor gave me some home made sausages yesterday; don’t need any fish for eating today. Continue reading Some Fishing, Some Pics, an Update

Landbased in Tawharanui

Took my mate Tim fishing in early March. We drove to Tawharanui peninsular which is about an hour drive from Albany and is one of Auckland’s many Regional Parks. Tim is a young, aspiring scientist from Cologne, Germany and is making the most out of his visit to New Zealand. Within a space of 2 months after arrival, he’s been to the Coromandel and Great Barrier Island. I’ve been fishing this specific spot for a while now; it is pretty much always productive with some action from Kahawai and the odd snapper. We hiked from the main car park for about an hour, walking over the hills to the trig and through the bush to the cliffs around Takatu Point, which marks the tip of the peninsular. Continue reading Landbased in Tawharanui