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Rain, Rain and More Wind.

It’s been raining since Sunday, on and off drizzle and short downpours. Reminds me a bit of when I moved here in winter. The drive way and all around the house site are muddy. The wind is blowing like mad from east, north-east, the sky is gray with low-hanging clouds and I haven’t seen the sun for a while. Lucky I went around the site with the weed-eater last Sunday; a bit of a tidy up really… Continue reading Rain, Rain and More Wind.

Waiting for the Rain

Busy, busy and busy; that is what is going on at the moment. There is heaps happening at work, just before Christmas, roads need to be finished, trucks are checked for their Certificate of Fitness and yeah, Iranium keeps me busy, too. I’m working full time at the moment, which is good, but, leaving little time and often little energy to do other things.

Waiting for the rain on Sunday. It looked like this for a long time, but it poured down eventually.

Continue reading Waiting for the Rain

Iranium; The Missing Element in the Periodic Table of Elements

Iranium is 6.5 weeks old, pretty cute and does what most puppies do, I suppose. Eating, sleeping and doing the two numbers. So far so good, she does let you know when she has to go. I’ve got a feeling she will grow quickly and be strong, as she has been following me on rocky beaches and around the property.  Continue reading Iranium; The Missing Element in the Periodic Table of Elements