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White Man On The Rocks

Met a white man some years ago,

walking back to camp with a bunch of rods in hand, a yellow tail protruding from the pack, long-haired, English.

The pursuit and challenge of landing his majesty from the rocks attracting him to this part of the world; walking the coast lines of the Coromandel, reading the terrain, the ledges, the currents, the winds.

The white man’s idea of a vacation is to stand on the rocks, gimbal around his waist, the popper rod on his side, bait fish caught swimming in a rock pool close by, the gaff might be too far away, but the live bait rod secured in his hands, and a pack of chips and canned tuna in his pack.

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All Time World Record – The Hiwihiwi Curse

Certainly not a good session when you're just catching these.
Certainly not a good session when you’re just catching Hiwihiwi.

Ben, have you been fishing lately? Yes, but it was ugly to say the least…

I think I’ve been cursed by the fishing gods, cursed to only land hiwihiwi and the tiniest of snapper. The last two fishing sessions were awful, absolutely rubbish and fruitless. It’s not like I’m going to give up but there have been moments when I felt like finding a new hobby.

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First Fish of the Year

I went rockfishing on the southern side of Medland’s Beach last Saturday, also known as shark alley. Almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I arrived at the DOC camping ground where I park my car; there were people camping! I counted 6+ tents. The next surprise occurred when I walked over the bridge, there were lots of cars with trailers parked on the beach. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good thing to see people spending time on the Barrier and enjoying the island, I was just surprised.

No queues at this ‘ramp’, but still a lot of activity for this
part of the world.

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