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Pictures Of The Week 41

I got back from a multi-day youth camp today. Going through the pictures and memories from the last weeks, I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with images that reflect what I was up to lately. I’ll write respective articles soon.

For my fishing friends, I have only been out twice in the last 5-6 weeks. Both times, catching a feed was challenging, but I prevailed and succeeded. Two days ago, I was standing on the rocks of Harataonga Beach, half-naked, fully soaked by the splash of the waves, looking at Motu Rakitu with no other person in sight; battling the splash and wind at dusk, fishing in about 1.5 meters of water in anticipation of that fish, I had no doubt that what I was am engaged in is art.

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Pictures of the Week 30 – Harataonga Coastal Walk

I highly recommend the Harataonga Coastal Walk. An easy grade four hour walk from  Aotea Road to Harataonga Beach and camp site. There are plenty scenic viewpoints along the historic coastal track, inviting you to sit down and enjoy the magnificent views. P1060399 Continue reading Pictures of the Week 30 – Harataonga Coastal Walk

From Tryphena to Port FitzRoy

I enjoyed an extremely scenic drive to FitzRoy from my place in Tryphena on Wednesday to pick up two mates. My friends from Germany have already seen quite a bit of New Zealand during their (work-)holidays but were very keen to experience the beauty of Aotea (Great Barrier Island) and to actively take part in the island lifestyle. The ferry from Auckland to Port FitzRoy arrived a bit early and while they were having a few beers and watching the locals picking up various freight for themselves and their businesses, I was still on the road, taking pictures and enjoying the drive.

Oruawharo Bay
Oruawharo Bay

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Rockfishing in Harataonga

I love it when a plan comes together. Yeah, you’ve heard this before from Hannibal Smith and I wish I could say the same. My plan was to catch a king fish off the rocks in Blind Bay. Believe me, the plan was sound, the tides and chosen fishing spot were quite promising as well, but the onshore westerly winds and the marine forecast upset the plan. Nonetheless, Sinclair and I were keen to fish off the rocks and obviously when it is windy on one side of the island the other side should be calm. I arrived at Sinclair’s place at about 0930, he was having yet another beer…., and we discussed our options, consulting a Great Barrier Island chart map, and decided to go to Harataonga on the East Coast. Since I’ve only fished there once, some 5-6 years ago, and am keen to get to know new fishing spots, I was excited as.  Continue reading Rockfishing in Harataonga

Friends from Germany

Sebi and Jani, friends living in Germany I met in New Zealand about 5 years ago, contacted me a few months ago and told me they were coming on holiday to New Zealand and were quite keen to come and visit me here on Great Barrier Island. So, we kind of got a plan together, they would arrive here via ferry and stay for 4 nights before leaving via plane to Auckland and then to the South Island. At the moment, they are in the Motueka region, hiking in the Abel Tasman National Park. After that, they are going to Queenstown/Glenorchy where they’ll be doing the Routeburn Track followed by the Caples Track. Continue reading Friends from Germany

My First Visit to Great Barrier Island

While awaiting the delivery of some tools and building equipment here in Auckland, I thought I share a story about my first visit to Great Barrier Island (Motu Aotea in Te Reo Maori). After all, it was this trip which I took around the Christmas time back in 2008 that made me think about what it would be like to live on Aotea and whether it would be a worthwhile option for me. It all started with me wanting to have some time off and wanting to ‘go away’ for a couple of weeks.   Continue reading My First Visit to Great Barrier Island