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Snapper Arrested in Schooner Bay

2 Snapper were arrested in Schooner Bay yesterday. South-westerlies were blowing at around 20 knots and I decided to take the quad and go for a quick look around Schooner Bay at just about dead-low tide. It is about a 20 minute casual drive from my place and the bay holds, according to what I heard, good kelp beds, which usually produce good snapper.

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Wild Rabbit Curry

The other evening I was busy on the laptop when I noticed the cat flap opening with my cat having a – what appeared at first site – strange rat in his mouth. He’s been really good, catching about a dozen or so rats. He brings them inside to show off and to play around with them for a while. Often that turns into an activity for the both of us, as his catch is usually very lively and sometimes manages to squeeze into a crack or somewhere where Mohammed can’t get to, and I have to deal with it…

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Can’t Find The Fish

The weather has been really good for a while now, no wind, sunny and warm, and I went out for a fish off the rocks twice, but as the title implies I didn’t catch anything. On Friday morning I was standing on a massive ledge on the east coast (Oruawharo Bay) and had a bait in the water by 8 o’clock.

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Wharf to Wharf; Great Barrier Island Marathon; Sponsor Ben

Come to Great Barrier Island and challenge yourself. Run or bike a full or half a marathon from Wharf to Wharf. From Port Fitzroy to Tryphena, via the unforgettable Forest Road. This is an event and experience you will remember for a lifetime. I am going to do the marathon bike option and you can sponsor me.  Continue reading Wharf to Wharf; Great Barrier Island Marathon; Sponsor Ben

Welcome To Great Barrier Island; Accident, Orcas, Dolphins & more

—Just a note. Sorry for the late update, but I’m having great difficulties picking up a signal for my mobile Internet. —

It is 0700 in the morning and I am on my way via ferry to Great Barrier Island, taking the rest of my belongings to my new home. Relocation started on the 24th of June; the plan was to pack two cars, take them over, build a weather-proof shed, put all my stuff into it, build a case for the batteries and home-made 12 V generator, get the mobile Internet going, install a fire-place and start boarding up the rundown and abandoned A-Frame that stands on the house site. Well, this was the plan, and here is what really happened. Continue reading Welcome To Great Barrier Island; Accident, Orcas, Dolphins & more

First Impressions 1.1

The paper work has all been completed a couple of weeks ago but it wasn’t until now that I had the appropriate time to go to Great Barrier Island, and to take on first impressions of the beautiful piece of land that is partly mine. I tell you now, I am starting to feel the adventurous journey that lies ahead of me and it will take some time until I get to know the land well. I took the Sealink ferry over and stayed at friends for 3 nights. We sailed past Channel Island, a tiny island in the middle of the channel between Great Barrier Island and Cape Colville at the tip of the Coromandel Peninsular. Continue reading First Impressions 1.1