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Solar Power System Design – Part II

I’ve been contemplating about what to buy for the last month. Its worthwhile to view installed renewable systems and talk to the owners about pros and cons. There is a lot of bullshit published on the Internet, the vast majority being copy and paste articles which are neither detailed nor discuss alternative solutions.

As mentioned in the Part I, the design of my Power System depends vastly on my budget. Ideally, the main focus will be the power requirements, but like anything else I’m doing on BENIsLAND I cannot afford what I want nor what I need. This project will also be a compromise, and I explain my rationale for each electrical component in the following.

This, following articles, including downloadable material to which I link to, shall NOT be treated as advice, instruction or a form of guideline for any sort of power system.

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Off Grid Power Systems II – Generating Power

In part one I wrote about some practical properties of electricity and energy, in this part I write briefly about realistic ways of generating electricity for off grid home use.  Focusing on costs of setups and on quantifying how much power is generated. Part III will be about storing electricity, maintaining batteries, charge controllers and DC-AC inverters.

This is a comment I added to the previous post (Off Grid Power Systems I – Electricity):

  • To gain a better understanding of quantities like power, voltage, current, charge, etc., it is helpful to consider the analogy to flowing water.

There are basically five realistic ways to generate electricity: Continue reading Off Grid Power Systems II – Generating Power

Homebuilt 12 Volt Generator Part II

48$ NZ got me a 6/12 V battery load tester including delivery, and it finally arrived from Christchurch a couple of days ago. These units perform both a simple voltage and a discharge load test on a battery. They do a pretty good job of identifying weak lead acid batteries and I thought it would be quite handy to have one. Continue reading Homebuilt 12 Volt Generator Part II

Homebuilt 12 Volt Generator Part I

My soon to be home and for that matter all of Great Barrier Island doesn’t have any reticulated electricity or water supply. So basically, individual households are living off the grid and utilize a combination of alternative energy systems – such as solar, wind, water and fuel-driven generators – to produce power. With this respect, communities like Great Barrier Island should be regarded as a model to strive for. Continue reading Homebuilt 12 Volt Generator Part I