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Scrub Fire Has Reignited on Great Barrier Island

The contained scrub fire from the 21. January on the south eastern side of Kaitoke has reignited and turned into a large scale fire with more than 20 100 hectares of bush in flames. I’m not sure what the situation is at the moment, the 40 odd local volunteer fire fighters, 3 helicopters and additional support from the main land have been working over night at containing the fire. Unfortunately, the wind has turned and is blowing on-shore now. The location of the fire is around the Kaitoke/Claris area, which is one of the larger settlements on the island, where also most of the businesses are located. Claris airport closed yesterday. According to the news, no homes were destroyed and no person was injured, however, 20 homes and businesses have been evacuated. We all hope that it won’t get worse than this.

The cause of the fire and its reignition are under investigation. For more information from the media and videos:




Fire on Great Barrier Island

A vegetation fire that started last night on the south side of Kaitoke beach was extinguished by a team of about 30 on ground fire fighters and a helicopter over night. According to eye-witnesses, an off-shore north-westerly wind prevented the blaze gathering more momentum towards Claris airport and several homes on the east coast. Due to the quick response of the fire brigade no person or homes were damaged. The fire damaged, however, half and acre (5000 square meters) of vegetation.



(Barely) Caught a Feed

I just got the fire going inside, it is warm and cozy and soon I’ll be cooking dinner. The weather gods have been mild lately, for the last 10 or so days, there was no significant wind around my place, hardly any rain… Yeah, really enjoyable I have to say. The forecast was good for this weekend, too, and I was eager to go out there and do things. I went for a fish off the rocks yesterday in Schooner Bay.  Continue reading (Barely) Caught a Feed

Doors on Fire!

I mean Doors and Fire. It has been blowing 35 knots for the last few days and gusting up to 50 knts, frequent showers, on Monday some hail for a little while; but I have also been quite productive. My mate Jonah came around on Sunday – his land rover is fixed again – and he gave me a hand picking up my new doors and putting them in.  After a bit of cutting, hammering and making it fit, the doors were securely in place. Continue reading Doors on Fire!